Mondays, Mondays...!

Mondays, Mondays...!

I used to scoff at people when I heard them complaining that Monday was the hardest day of the week. Because for me, I loved going back to school after two whole days without it (call me a nerd if you will). After a month at The Washington Center, I completely agree with the rest of the crowd - Mondays are the longest and the most difficult. I mentioned Monday programming briefly in the last entry. I'm going in a bit deeper in this one. Thought you might be curious what exactly we did on Monday, since I was really confused about the whole TWC programming thing before I actually came to DC and started the program.

Like I said, in the Global Trade and Regional Integration Program, we have a whole day of programming. For the past month we've been to listen to speakers from various fields and organizations such as the Millenium Project, Dept. of Commerce, World Resouce Institute, and Merrill Lynch. Once in a while, we do more active things, like the Career Boot Camp I'd mentioned, and like this week when we went on the Capitol Tour. Capitol Tour was interesting, but it was weird, since I haven't even been to our own National Assembly building in Korea, that I would go on a tour of America's Capitol. I enjoyed it more than I'd thought I would, though, and picked up a lot of basic American history and politics along the way.

On the Capitol Tour

This week we also had our first President's Lecture Series with the Private Sector Philanthropy and Community Engagement Panel. Four panelists from different foundations  shared their views and positions on the theme. Although I wasn't very used to the topic, it gave me a lot to think about.

For me, personally, Monday also means that I have a course to attend in the evening. Since the RAF was built, most of us take classes right in the building (though some still have to hike over to TWC Headquarters). The course I currently am taking is called "International Business-Case Studies in the Strategic Management of International Trade." We've each selected a company to research for the whole semester while we are learning about factors that influence international trade for such corporations. I'm conducting a simple case study on Samsung Electronics and their global business, and discovering a lot that I've never really known about Korea's biggest company. Interesting stuff.

So between morning programming, afternoon programming, and evening classes, Mondays can be the longest and busiest days. However, this semester, by chance, quite a few Mondays happen to be holidays. Which is why, last weekend when Monday was Columbus Day, I went on a short excursion to New York City. If I haven't mentioned it already, another good thing about interning in DC is that it has so many interesting cities that you can visit nearby.  It only took about 4 hours on the bus to New York, and I was able to spend 3 whole fabulous days in the city.

nightfall on top of the rock

Of course,  just being the person I am, I liked DC better. So while my friends are planning to travel to Philadelphia, Boston and Florida for their future holidays, I think I'll do better in DC.

Long, winding entry. But there you have it. Mondays in DC for a TWC intern (well...for me. at the least.).

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