Getting Involved.

Getting Involved.

Hello, all!

It's been another hectic week here in Washington, D.C. It was also the halfway point for the Fall Semester Program at TWC. I just can't believe the speed at which time is flying by.

This week was busier for me than other weeks have been because I started working on my Civic Engagement Project  (first time hearing about it? read on, people, read on). But now that I've started, I really feel my load getting lighter.

TWC interns are required to complete a civic engagment project during their stay in D.C. At first it seemed a little strange and difficult that one would find and get involved in some kind of volunteering in the duration of three months while also interning and taking classes during the weekdays. But the opportunities that are out in the city that TWC lets us know of are surprisingly diverse.

I chose to volunteer with Rock the Vote. Youth vote rates are significantly lower compared to older age groups; I think this is true in  U.S. as well as my home country. I'd always acknowledged this as a social problem and been interested in it. I mean, voting once every two or four years is the least you can do to participate in the political decision making processes of democracy. And people still don't do it. I was very surprised that there was such a group that was acting to mobilize young voters, specifically, to get out the vote.

So I went to the Rock the Vote office twice this week after work, originally for phone banking, but I ended up getting cold feet about my conversational  English and just spent the night 'stickering' for them ( but hey, someone's got to stick the stamps and stickers on). It was a fascinating experience even without making the phone calls myself. I learned a lot just by listening in on the calls and learning about the many events that Rock the Vote had organized for young voters. Since Halloween is just around the corner, I felt that the 'Trick or Vote' event that they were planning in some major cities was really an innovative idea. Dressing up in costumes, knocking on doors, and informing people of the elections and their polling locations. Who'd have thought of it? Although I won't be able to make it, a whole band of TWC interns are participating in it over Sunday at Philadelphia.

I can't wait to go back on Election Day and see the turnouts.Those of you who read this post before 11/2, please go and make your voice be heard with your ballots!

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