The Great Senator from Michigan

The Great Senator from Michigan

As I mentioned in my last post, I am interning for Senator Carl Levin from my home state of Michigan.  Senator Levin is the finest human being you could ever meet.  One conservative here on the hill said to me that he is "the last great Senator."  I couldn't agree more.  Now serving in his 32nd year, Senator Levin still has the same fire, passion and intellect he had during his first term.  It's an incredible honor to work in his office. 

View from the Capitol BuildingI'm finding that working on the Hill is a unique experience in itself.  It's a very young and almost college-type atmosphere.  People work extremely hard, though, and you can often see lights on in offices late into the evening hours when congress is in session.  Things are a little different right now, because we are in recess, so everything tends to slow down a bit, but there are always things to do.

So anyway, another Wednesday here in D.C. means we're getting closer to the end of another week.  The time is absolutely flying by and I can't believe we're nearly halfway through the semester.

One thing you will quickly find out here at The Washington Center is that sleep is scarce.  Your schedule is maxed out.  Between your internship, class, meetings, programming, and homework, you'll learn to appreciate rest and down time a lot more.  It's healthy, though.  I'm sure most of you, like me, are perfectly content with the lazy, easy-going college life (and trust me, I'm looking forward to one more semester of that), but it's not reality.  The Washington Center really gives you a taste of being a young professional.  It's not as easy to turn on and off as you may think.  It's tough.  It takes training and real application.  Mondays are my worst days.  I wake up at 730 a.m. and don't sleep until about midnight. 

In sum, it makes you really appreciate weekends, holidays, sleep..the little things.  It's yet another example, though, of experience and practical knowledge you cannot get inside a classroom.

Until next time, get some sleep!


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