The weather outside is....

The weather outside is....

Pretty normal. For Texas. Coming from a state with notoriously bi-polar weather, I expected DC to be, among other things, my first experience of predictable weather patterns. DC has not obliged.

To start, I did not expect the District to be as hot as it was when I got here. Texas hot. It stayed well above 85 degrees well into September.

Moving on, as the weather finally (and slowly) began to cool down, we all excitedly waited for peak foliage. The time of year when all the leaves on the trees are changing colors right before they fall off the branches and cover the ground with an array of reds, oranges, and golds. As I sit here writing this, I can still see  leaves on the trees outside of the window (it is nearly December). Admittedly, the anticipated peak foliage did come, but It was three weeks late and seemed as if half the trees had staged a protest against the idea.

Lastly, (remember, its almost December) it has yet to be cold. I mean cold. Of course it has gotten "cold" like it has dropped into the 30's at night, but we haven't even had a frost yet! I visited my sister in Cincinnati this past weekend and it got down to 22 degrees. She did not understand my frustration. Everyone keeps saying, "be careful what you wish for," as if a) I have never experience cold weather before and b) I haven't been wishing for cold weather since September 2!

You may recall, last year Washington had about two weeks of blizzard like snow at the beginning of the year, called "SnowGate" (political humor of course). Where's my SnowGate!


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