The Town

The Town

I read an article today in the Washington Post about President Obama's Senior aid David Axelrod. As many of you many know, Axelrod will be leaving Washington in the near future to move back to Chicago to prepare for Obama's next campaign. The article, however, focused on Axelrod's changed view of DC since moving here nearly two years ago. He had this to say:

"Something I know more than ever is there's a different conversation in this town than you hear at, like, Manny's, the deli where I hang out in Chicago. People don't talk about, I hate to say, the Politico over lunch. In Chicago, they're talking about their kids and how they pay their bills and how their businesses are going and the normal things that people care about."

When I read that quote I stopped and laughed because he is right. For some reason, DC is infectious. More specifically, DC is a tornado. From afar the majesty, power, and intrigue draw you in. Once here, you can't help but be in awe. My friends and I often laugh at ourselves that after a full day of work we all come home and ask "so what'd you do today???" wanting to hear the cool, new thing everyone did. It is surprising how often we find ourselves talking politics at meals or around the coffee table.

The conversations, and therefore the relationships, are not like the one's I have experienced at my own Manny's (mexican food, not a deli) in Dallas. Axelrod is right, something about this city actually outsizes the inhabitants of it. Including presidents...and interns.

There is a reflecting pool in between the Capitol building and the Washington Monument (not the reflecting pool, but near it) and on the edge of that pool is the Civil War Sailors statue. Unfortunately, the statue and the marble slab beneath it have been covered in oxidized runoff. This amazing bronze statue that stands in front of our nation's Capitol looks like someone painted it green and then it rained. The pure, white marble beneath it  is stained lime green. It is a powerful reminder, along with the current re-painting of the Capitol rotunda, and the hilarity of how small the White House actually is, that when James talks about being a vapor, even DC is included!

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