Mr. Hartman Comes to Washington

Mr. Hartman Comes to Washington

My good friend from TCU Jeff came to visit me this past weekend because it was TCU's fall break and I had Monday off for Columbus Day (love the government schedule).

On pretty much all accounts, it was the perfect weekend for Jeff to be here, the weather was perfect and we had a lot of stuff planned. When he got here on Friday we went with one of my new friends Karson to a restaurant in the back of an old book store and hung out. Caught up. Saturday was a big day:

1) We got up early to get to Eastern Market for the very famous breakfast they serve there. After waiting in line for nearly 30 minutes we got our food and it was really out of this world. Eggs benedict, homefries, and the most ridiculous blueberry pancakes I have ever tasted. ever. Seriously. Jeff asked every subsequent morning if we could go back.

2) We then headed to the National Cathedral, which was really beautiful

3) Next we drove down to Georgetown for the famous "Taste of Georgetown" that was going on and I finally got to walk around the part of DC I had heard so much about but had yet to visit. We got cigars, cupcakes (not Georgetown CC), and moseyed on the waterfront for a while.

4) Don't you worry, we did not forget about our Horned Frogs. After Taste we headed to the local Frog bar and watched the Horned Frogs clean up.

5) And lastly, we made it to a friends apartment to watch the Rangers game.

That was only on Saturday.

Inside the National Cathedral




Taste of Georgetown

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