Under 21 Networking in a Happy Hour Town

Under 21 Networking in a Happy Hour Town

As soon as you hit the streets of D.C you will constantly be told this is the “Happy Hour” town. If you are 20, this is the worst possible thing you can hear! I was constantly confused on how I could effectively unwind with co-workers during this time period. Chris Mason, Student Life Advisor and genius will arm you with the tools to have a successful networking system to help build your confidence and help you when you are faced with an emergency situation such as; Your Power Greeting, Networking 101, 10 Things  You Should Do Before You Leave D.C, Building Your Resume, etc. These are all offered in several small seminars that are often a few times a week, at night. Take advantage! But for the times where you are not able to go to formal events with your co-workers and they offer to go to bar, what do you do? I have found the answers;

1. Stop and relax, don’t worry about it. This often causes underage adults to scramble for an answer, the best thing for now, is to breathe and think. First you inform them that you are underage but would welcome to the opportunity to sit at the bar relax. Most bars, during the weekday, don’t mind having an underage patron if they don’t sit directly at the bar, but rather a table or if you inform them that you are their Designated Driver.

2. Offer a small restaurant with a bar instead. Most sports bars or downtown restaurants have a fully loaded bar and eating area. You and your co-workers could enjoy drinks and a nice snack, though you can only drink coke or water.

3. Offer your place. If you have small group of co-workers who are college aged, this is the easiest and most chosen option. There is a small liquor store down the street from the RAF, on the way to the building if you come from New York Ave Metro Station. My only suggestion is that you clear this with your roommates. My apartment had a balcony, so it was easy during the warm season to have a conversation with coworkers while looking to the sky. (I was on the 6th floor.)

4. The inevitable choice, if you simply don’t feel like going to the bar? Decline. There’s nothing wrong with not being in the mood to go to a noisy bar or have company. However, there is also nothing wrong with planning a small dinner party. My other co-workers and I planned a small dinner party, in which we got to see my co-worker's neighborhood and show off our culinary skills. We had chicken parmesan, garlic bread, and wine or sparkling cider, and listened to the cool sounds of Adelle while having great conversation.

See? Four quick and easy solutions for your under 21, networking blues! I hope you use these tips well in the upcoming semester!

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