Thanksgiving at the Washington Center

Thanksgiving at the Washington Center

This year, like most students here at TWC, I was unable to travel home. Do not fret, TWC Office of Student Life host a wonderful dinner for many students to come and bring food from all their countries and share with other students. The event was hosted by several RA’s in the building and they were in attendance as well to welcome our international students from all around the world. However, my roommate Elisheba asked if I would cook a traditional Thanksgiving meal with some of our international friends. Yoali Riquelme, Dora Ivett, Elisheba and I all set out to prepare Thanksgiving meal. The day was unforgettable, as I watched them witness the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, clapping and cheering for their favorite childhood cartoons, in Espanol! Snoopy and the Charlie Brown Crew, the Rugrats, Big Bird, SpongeBob, they were all in parade and being cheered on by all of us. This type of bonding, with students from all over the world, is one of many opportunities you have here at The Washington Center! Besides being slightly annoyed that Dora la Explordora, our nickname for Dora, continuously opened the oven to check on the turkey, therefore cooling it slightly every time, it was an awesome meal that we enjoyed. Each of us felt wonderfully fortunate!

Meet Bob...Bob is our traditional American Name for our traditional turkey. Bob was good...

To a great holiday!!!

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