Piecing the Puzzle Together - How to Pay for The Washington Center

Piecing the Puzzle Together - How to Pay for The Washington Center

For those of you are are not able to simply throw around the amount of money needed for tuition and/or TWC program fees, plus housing and living in D.C., here are some tips:

- If you recieve financial aid on campus, you may be able to use it to help pay for the experience. Also, look into the relationship that TWC has with your school.

- The Washington Center has plenty of areas for scholarships. I myself am a Diversity Leaders Scholar which offers $3,000.00 to help pay for TWC housing.

- Check your state for subsidies. If you go to a public university in the state of Arkansas, you may be able to recieve $6,000.00 toward the cost of The Washington Center's program fee, for example. You may also be able to use the Arkansas Lottery Scholarship toward housing for The Washington Center through your university's excess aid process.

- If you recieve federal work-study funds, your campus may allow you to use that towards living expenses.

-Part-time jobs are often available in small franchizes, for instance an intern tranfered from the Bob Evans in Toledo, OH to Virginia. Not only was she able to work weekends and make more money because the cost of living is higher, but she was able to have more money after paying for the costs of her SmarTrip and food for the week!

- Become a TWC blogger! Try out for the blog team! If you have a passion for writing, but not a passion for editing (sorry for the typos throughout the semester), you still may have the honor of being on the TWC Blog Team! You recieve pay to help offset the cost of living once in the middle of the semester and once at the end (which comes in handy when traveling home!).

- Many colleges will be able to offer small sponsorships. For example, thanks to a grant written by the liason for The Washington Center at my university (who is also the Associate Dean of my College--the College of Liberal Arts), I was able to offset the cost of travel both on the way to D.C and on the way back.

This is just a quick guide to help you with ideas and suggestions to help pay for The Washington Center experience! I hope this helps, and I hope you are all able to find new and innovative ways to find funding for not only this program, but for college in general. I know you've heard it too many times, "In this tough economy". However, just like this economy we, as hard working college students, are tough. Once you eat 1 1/2-week old pizza, you'll be able to do anything! So, hopefully, this will be able to help you!

For more information please look at the rest of The Washington Center's website. Click here to apply for an internship program. I hope you will join the 4,000+ TWC  Alumni.

Good Luck!

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