Living at the RAF

Living at the RAF

Welcome to the Residential and Academic Facility! 

This spacious building is located within blocks of a grocery store, metro station and several small shops. When entering the building you will be greeted by one of our two concierges or one of our three security guards.


Ms. Vivian, a feisty, yet warm concierge will always keep you informed and is happy to help you find directions. Every morning she welcomed me by saying, “Hey mama, you late for work again?” and of course I answered, “Unfortunately… I want to crawl back in bed!” **Please note, I never missed work unless given the day off! ** Ms. V also is part Hispanic, Así, se habla español y Ella es muy trabajadora!!

Late Night/Early Morning Security Officers

Officer Butler, a very pretty and petite officer who smiles every time you see her. However, the looks are just a distraction, this tough-as-nails officer is quick to respond to an emergency and will do so in a prompt and professional manner. This is the officer to have on your side in case of emergency or in case of good conversation! I still owe her plate of chocolate chip cookies!

Officer Tony, a handsome officer who also has a quick smile and sense of humor despite constantly patrolling the facility and answering to noise calls. He will not hesitate, when called, to walk students to the RAF from New York Ave Metro station. So, you won’t have to worry about making that call when you don’t exactly feel safe walking home.


Nate is a pain! He constantly complains about his knees and is responsible for the sole upkeep of the building! However, he is the most caring and kind man you could meet, and he knows his job well. There is not a creek or a crack that happens in the impeccable new building without Nate not hearing it or fixing it quickly! With every new building, there comes trial and error. This new building is not different. Our water heater was out for two weeks until the gas company came and fixed it, though Nate was on the job 24/7 until it was fixed and we were offered a replacement shower in a vacant apartment until it was done. The Washington Center is very fortunate to have him!

Bus Drivers

We have regularly 2 per weekday.

Morning Guy: He is very strict and will not follow the TENTATIVE schedule if he has a full bus. If you are a male, you will be expected to rise if no seats are free and a female needs to ride the bus. For some, this will a chore and you will not really appreciate the hold up, for others it will be seen as a chivalrous act. You be the judge. 

Afternoon/Evening Parties with Lamont: Lamont is a soul man! This hip bus driver will soothe your end of the day troubles with the soothing sounds that will pour through the bus radio as well as give you some round about advice. Just ask Wade Fink, Intern and Blogger. Lamont joined my fellow intern, blogger and classmate as we teased him about the perils of his life, taking care of that beautiful Cadillac CTS. Lamont is the bus driver you would definitely love to have on your side! He remembers the faces, the internships, the lives and stories of his riders and is always quick to offer kind words and a joke to keep your day brighter!

Grand Tour

As you enter the RAF, The Washington Center's Logo with George Washington will greet you. The first floor has several apartments and the mail boxes as well as a small guest lounge area. The basement, P1, is home to most of Monday programming, It also has classrooms and a gym, lounging area complete with one giant flat panel TV, and computer lab. This spacious area is frequently occupied by students looking to get away from their apartments and hang out with friends without leaving the RAF.

I would try to paint a portrait of the RAF apartments, but to be honest, EVERY apartment is different! I can say that if you have any room ending in “17” you have the smallest room, it seems. If you have a “14”, you have a very big apartment, in the corner with a balcony, congrats! All corner apartments and most back and middle apartments have balconies! All of the rooms at the RAF are pretty spacious, excluding the 5 apartments ending in “17”. I have included some photos of the apartments.

The best advice to prepare for these rooms; follow the check sheet! You don’t need cups or spoons, or knives, or anything like that, just follow the check sheet!

Enjoy the few picture I've taken of the apartments!

A very dirty new room!

A smaller older but new room!

Smaller but very nice apartment!

Hallway in the corner apartment!


The luxuries of the master bathroom!

The kitchen, well..half of it!

View from my balcony

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