If you're artsy and you know it...

If you're artsy and you know it...

D.C is full of fun and culturally awakening areas. Chinatown, D.C is nothing like Chinatown, San Francisco, but you will be able to enjoy some traditional Chinese food. Arts have been known to be innovative and creative. The arts can capture the very passion that lies within someone and allow them to express themselves on personal and unique level. D.C has plenty of opportunities for you to express yourself.  Here are a few of the things I attended:

In Chinatown, there is the Shakespeare and Lansburgh Theatre. In early posts I mention attending “All’s Well that Ends Well”. To go more in depth, Shakespeare Theatre has a wonderful opportunity for you to buy tickets earlier in the day for a cheaper pricing. This theatre is rare because it was made by theatre lovers, for theatre lovers and no seat is a bad seat. You can easily find tickets fewer than 15 dollar tickets, which is rarity even in the most rural areas. They run a year-round theatre so it is easy to attend something on a weekday or weekend. This program is run by the Shakespeare Theatre Company.

John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

My first non-religious musical, my first live professional performance and my first orchestra were all experienced in the Kennedy Center. If you were wondering what has been going on with my hair throughout the semester maybe going to see “Hair” could explain it. The psychedelic cast took me on a contact high trip through arts and emotions and my permed pressed hair magically turned natural. I loved my less than 20 dollars top-of-the-line tickets that allowed me to sit directly in the center of the row, in the center section, third tier. This was achieved by signing up for "Attend!" Attend is the program for college students who interested in arts. Attend will e-mail you at least once a week with discounts for some of their best performances!

I attended, “Hair” with my Attend discount but for other students who are still on a tight budget, don’t worry, 365 days a year the Kennedy Center hosts the Millennium Stage. Free daily performances at 6 p.m! These are not fresh from Julliard Students, they are professional performers who not only enjoy their craft but love to share it with everyone. Even you are not a art fan, going to The Kennedy Center will enrich you culturally with the Hall of Flags, one International, the other Domestic. The Kennedy Center also host tours every 15 minutes that allow you to go into some of the theatres, you never know who you may see! Including just being a lovely facility, it has a terrace restaurant for many who just want to get up there and enjoy the view!

Here is a list of some of the performances I saw at The Kennedy Center;

1. Hair
2. D.C Youth Orchestra Messiah
3. D.C Youth Orchestra International
4. National Symphony Orchestra; Messiah
5. National Symphony Orchestra; Wind Quartet
6. Irish Christmas

And many other productions!!

Synetic Theatre

The Synetic Theatre in Virginia is your premier theatre for interactive arts taken to another level. I attended King Arthur for under 15 dollars with a student discount, courtesy of your Washington Center I.D. It was a speech-less play, on a water stage, and we sat in the “Splash Zone”. This really took theatre to another level! The actors really put their emotions in it so you didn’t feel lost for the lack of speech. Also, the background music was intense often fading with the lights only to start again when the performers, carrying flash lights began their intricate, fascinating dance with their reflection shimmering in the water. This was definitely a great theatre for unique arts!

Patrick’s Places

Patrick Russell, fellow UCA student, Intern at The Department of Design, and food-lover extraordinaire, will be seen 50 years from now smoking a small pipe, made from the sticks, twigs and whatever else he can find in his straggly beard, placed solemnly in the corner of a small Irish Pub muttering to himself. We will reflect on his top 10 favorite eateries from our time as interns. Here is his list:

Masa 14--Japanese and Spanish fusion, tapas

Kushi--Japanese Izakaya near Safeway. About as authentic as you can get.

The Good Stuff Eatery--burger and shakes, and don't forget the dipping sauces for the fries!

Ray's Hell Burger Too--best burger ever. It's in Virginia, but worth the commute!

Lunch Market--at Eastern Market, best breakfast, great culture. Inside the Pavilion. Go where you hear a lot of yelling.

Ristorante Piccolo--upscale Italian, but the price is worth it. Great for a date, or if mom and dad are buying

Bibimbop at 19 and K NW--bibimbop is one of my favorite dishes. It's Korean. I ate here at least 6 times. Great price for healthy food.

Busboys and Poets--great food, great atmosphere, and great place to catch up with friends. Try the shrimp 'n grits or beans and rice.

Louisiana Kitchen--it's in Bethesda, but it's the best Cajun food in the DC area.

Belga Cafe--near the Eastern Market area. Try the mussels if you like em. That's what they are famous for, and a great selection of hand-crafted beers.

And for dessert?! Hello Cupcake near Dupont!

I hope you’ve enjoyed some of these helpful tips and use them well! I also hope you decided to join The Washington Center next semester!

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