Getting back to the basics

Getting back to the basics

Coming from the Natural State I am constantly surrounded by the melodies of subtle winds mixed with the rustle of leaves and eco-friendly transportation, i.e.; bicycles. Also, my hometown, Conway, AR, “The city of trees” I am constantly able to breathe fresh air omitted daily. So needless to say, I am definitely missing the sweet smells of nature. Though D.C is nothing like New York, where you are constantly surrounded by grey concrete, I miss stars and nature. My all-time favorite hobby, gardening, was also missed, so I happily skipped to Botanic Garden. It’s a 30 – 45 minute walk from the Residential and Academic Facility or about 15-minute Metro ride. Unlike most of my posts, this one will be purely photographic. Please enjoy the photos of the Botanic Gardens and the following tips:

  • L’Enfant Plaza is the closet metro to the Botanic Gardens, contrary to popular belief that “Smithsonian Metro Station” is.
  • Inside the Botanic Gardens, in the Main Gallery, if you take two steps to the right of the Lincoln Memorial model (located in front of the entrance to the West Gallery) and bend down slightly, you will be able to take a great picture of The National Mall Model. The National Mall Model consists of small models of the Mall including, The Lincoln, Washington Monument, and Capitol. The Model is made out of sticks and twigs.

Please enjoy the photos!

Can you spot the little guy in the picture? He was just hanging around in this banana tree! If you can't spot the little mouse, look at the grey spot between the green on the right and the brown on the left in the middle of the picture.

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