Fire, Fire! Where, Where?

Fire, Fire! Where, Where?

What do you do when fire alarm rings at 6:30 p.m.? Well most would run screaming and hollering testing door handles to make sure it’s not hot before running to the nearest elevator only to remember that you’re supposed to take the stairs and begin running toward the stairs instead only to bump into more people and make a slower decent down six flights of stairs and into the night carrying nothing but your laptop and bunched up winter coat. But, that’s enough about me. Like most people, I will tell you: Follow safety procedures calmly and promptly. However, in this situation, nothing was on fire. A student had simply forgotten to watch his or her food and smoked out a floor. With that being said, I must prompt future TWC students to be very careful in the new facility and mindful of the state of the art fire system. The system seems fairly sensitive, especially when you "smoke out" an entire floor.

What do you do when the fire alarm rings at 7:00 am the following morning? Well, most people would sleep through it because they are accustomed to the obnoxious noise that is a fire alarm from their earlier days in the dorm room. But as stated before, I have lived at home all my life and 90% of the time we forget to put batteries in our smoke system. So, being the usual late morning bug, as Ms. Vivian, the concierge calls me, I stumble around, to the bathroom only to slap a beanie on my unruly hair, grab my tooth brush, jacket, jeans and daily facial massage pad and head downstairs where I am greeted by other last sleeping interns groaning about the atrociously bright light that is the sun. The main question running through my head, around this time was, “Is it possible to burn cereal?” We are Interns, we can’t afford meat to eat, we intern so that we may one day, in fact, “bring home the bacon”. Right now, we can barely afford to bring home the pop tart and I’m talking about the off brand, ‘soft tart’. Later that TWC Student Life issued this e-mail;

Dear RAF Residents,
As you are aware, there have been 2 fire alarms in the past 24 hours. Both of these alarms have been a result of smoke detectors going off in resident apartments because of burnt food. We wanted to let you know the reasons behind these alarms.
We also want to remind you to keep an eye on any food you’re cooking. Do not leave it unattended, and watch the timing and heat settings. Please be safe in all that you do and be courteous and conscientious of your neighbors.
Student Life

I couldn’t have said it better! Everything’s over right?
12 Hours Later…..

I can’t make this stuff up! The microwave is an ingenious tool; a microwave oven, or simply a microwave, is a kitchen appliance that heats food by dielectric heating. This is accomplished by using microwave radiation to heat polarized molecules within the food. This excitation is fairly uniform, leading to food being more evenly heated throughout (except in dense objects) than generally occurs in other cooking techniques. Basic microwave ovens heat foods quickly and efficiently, but, unlike conventional ovens, do not brown or bake food. This makes them unsuitable for cooking certain foods, or to achieve certain culinary effects. Additional kinds of heat sources can be added to microwave packaging, or into combination microwave ovens, to add these additional effects (Wikipedia).

In layman's terms, you put stuff in it, you press two or three, keeping it simple, and it heats stuff. If you put something in it and it turns blue immediately and sparks fly, unwrap the foil and put it back on the paper plate. Now, some claim that the fire alarms are sensitive but, seeing as how we had 3 fire drills in less than 48 hours, I’m beginning to believe The Washington Center should offer cooking courses.

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