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Program: Media & Communication

The Newseum: A Hard Look at Journalism

Monday, September 25, 2017

So, this past weekend my evening course (Media and the Movies) took a field trip to the much famed Newseum at 555 Pennsylvania Ave. I had no expectations for what the Newseum would be like: all I knew was that since I have a focus in communications, this facility should be right up my alley.  

Debunking the 6 Myths of Professionalism

Sunday, September 17, 2017

"You are professionals!" I have heard that phrase announced several times while I've been here, and I'm sure you will too. Although I am not entirely convinced that anyone (including myself) really knows what it means. This blog post is my effort to offer a more general understanding by debunking six common myths of being a professional.   Myth #1: Being professional is "dressing to the tens" (or whatever numerical representation) because it prepares you for success.  

The Commute: Everyone Starts Somewhere

Saturday, September 09, 2017

As mentioned in my previous blog post, I didn’t come into this whole TWC/D.C. experience poised to tour and explore.  I was even less prepared to ride a complicated metal worm under the dark depths of D.C.—at least that’s how I saw it.  I’m originally from Michigan, and I go to school in upstate New York at the University of Rochester.  Neither places have an imbibed culture of a Metro system.  If you want to get somewhere, you either procure a vehicle or tackle the boondoggle bus system of the area.

Lemonade for a Windowless Room

Sunday, September 03, 2017

This little blog post isn't just about staying in a room without windows - it's about making due with what you are given. Despite the resources that The Washington Center willingly provides, there will always be instances where certain aspects may not initially live up to your expectations.  

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