We Would All Like to Know

We Would All Like to Know

TWC Television Host:  Alright folks, and we are back with Alexandria Brown. We’ve given her a week to think about everything, and we’re expecting to hear some insightful highlights and hopefully some hints at her future plans.


*happy brass jingle*


TWC Television Host: Are you ready?


Audience: Yeah!


TWC Television Host: I’m not sure I heard you, are you ready?


Audience: Yeah!


TWC Television Host: Let’s bring her out!


*pulls back curtain*


TWC Television Host: Alexandria Brown, everyone.


*rounds of applause*


TWC Television Host: So glad to have you with us. You look…rather relaxed. You’re wearing an eclectic pair of pajamas? Yes?


Me: Yeah, they actually don’t match. This is just a grey t-shirt and my bottoms…I think I got them from the maternity section of Target a couple years ago.


TWC Television Host:  And your hair—I actually don’t see much of it, is that some sort of head tie…wrap?


Me: It’s a head scarf, I wear it to bed a lot.


TWC Television Host: Okay. So tell us what have you been up to?


Me: Man, yeah…yeah, been Netflixing pretty hard, reading here and there…applied for a media fellowship a couple days ago….


Audience: Aaaaaahhhhhh


This is kinda how I imagined this blog post would go.  Maybe I’d toss out a couple inspirational things I noticed in DC, maybe recycle a few things I’ve written about regarding my internship and, of course, mention the applications I’ve touched (or looked at). Let's break it down.


Where I am:

Back in my home state of Michigan. On my bed facing the one window that is responsible for a majority of the natural light in my room. The window frames a cul-de-sac covered in several inches of white-out snow.  Just a few moments ago, I was scrolling through my timeline on Facebook and someone shared an Huff Post article that caught my eye titled Millennials Are Screwed by Michael Hobbes.


If you, reader, would enjoy a digestible breakdown of our generational demise, I would definitely recommend. Even you don’t care to read it, at least take a peek at it. The visuals are nice and (somewhat) comical.  Anyway, where was I…..bed, window, sad article….oh, right!  I had then taken some time to listen to Tyler the Creator’s album "Flower Boy."  I like it.  This is where I am.




Me: And that’s where I will stop.  I have decided that where I am is what’s most important for right now.  Did I enjoy my time in Washington DC?  Absolutely. Did I learn a ton? Absolutely. I mean, when you’re in a new environment that’s kind of inevitable, you know?


TWC Television Host: Okay, Alexandria. I just have one last question and I’m sure the audience would love to know…


Me: Sure, what’s your question?


TWC Television Host: What’s next?


Me: Well, I’m a senior. I’ve got another semester to go…so I guess the goal is to graduate.


TWC Television Host: And after that?


Me: I’ll let you know when I get there. *winks at camera*


*curtains close*


It's been fun. Best of luck to you future/non-future TWC-ers.  Thanks for reading and hope you all have a great holiday season!

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