Traveling to NYC for Work (And Fun)

Traveling to NYC for Work (And Fun)

From Wednesday through Friday of last week, I was in New York City for my first ever work travel opportunity.  It was (of course) an exciting adventure, and I got the chance to see a side of New York City I found less intimidating and more endearing. The hotel I got to stay in was so quirky and millennial in SoHo, Manhattan.



Lobby of my hotel


I felt very privileged to have gotten a chance to witness the impact of my internship site, Ashoka, outside of our Arlington office. Since I don’t think I have properly explained: Ashoka is a non-profit organization that functions by investing in individuals or other organizations that are already functioning to positively affect global systematic change.


One project that Ashoka facilitates are AMEX Innovators Bootcamps. In these bootcamps, emerging social entrepreneurs come together to share their ideas and listen to speakers who give insights on work environments, hiring, funding, and storytelling. I came along as a photographer and I helped to capture different moments and speakers throughout the bootcamp. I got to do something useful and something that I enjoyed simultaneously. Funny things is, it’s not something I asked for or anticipated doing.


When I came to Ashoka, I thought my job was going to stay within my abilities as a writer. Indeed, I have done a lot of writing, but towards the beginning of my internship at Ashoka, there was a going away party for one of their longtime and effective employees. I carry my camera around with me most days, and I thought it would be nice to take a few pictures for this person and others to have as a pleasant memory. I liked capturing smiles and pleasant moments between people, and so I did. I uploaded the photos to a Google doc folder and shared it with most of the people in the office. One of my supervisors took a look and liked what she saw. I was then considered for the AMEX Bootcamp in New York City as a photographer.


NYC Neighborhood

Walking around NYC with a co-worker


I am not a trained photographer, but I’ve been told I have a good eye.  I suppose the lesson to be learned from this is to let you passion be your inner compass every once and while. If you happen to be a creative individual, it’s great advantage to have in the working world because you have more agency than you initially might think. Here are two more of my NYC shots:


Dylan's Candy Bar

Dylan's Candy Bar (a NYC favorite)!


Outdoor courtyard

Courtyard outside my hotel


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