So You Wanna Write a Cover Letter...

So You Wanna Write a Cover Letter...

"Blog Post #13." That's how I feel when I’m writing about my accomplishments.


Honestly, and I’m sure this is case for a lot of people, the thought of having to shrink my potential and distinctiveness into 3 paragraphs for a cover letter puts a wrench in my mental gears. I may type some words but everything seems to fall flat and lifeless when I read it out loud. It almost feels like I’m writing about a stranger.


Cover letter


I shared these frustrations with a friend last night and he said something that got my wheels turning again. He’s currently working in Washington, D.C. as a software engineer at UPS, but in addition to his work with computer software he also works as a recruiter. He’s had to spend many hours scanning resumes and cover letters. Here is what he had to say:


“Those who are proactive and think big-picture…will find that a good story is simply the dot product of expanding their experiences and generously expressing themselves. They are able to show, rather than just tell.”


I think this speaks to the larger truth that while writing cover letters, we all just need to remind ourselves that no one knows us better than we know ourselves. If you wanna know the purpose of all those reflections you’ll be doing in LEAD Colloquium sessions, this is it. A résumé contains the milestones of our professional experiences but a cover letter should your include your journeys in between those milestones.


I think some of the anxiety may arise in trying to be concise or being too expressive, but honestly, just shoot your shot and don’t be afraid to be different. Life isn’t a perfect formula and neither are you. Think of your cover letter as a chance to show the nuance in your success. Good luck guys!


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