Job In Action: Children's Wellbeing Summit

Job In Action: Children's Wellbeing Summit

While volunteering or working as intern, it can be hard to see how your work is making a contribution at all. I have done some fact-checking here, some photography there, and some editing tasks. I have had to alter my mindset to consider that I am actually working as part of team, and we are all working towards an effort for good. Well, this past Monday our efforts were actualized.

I woke up Monday morning to an Outlook email reminding me to arrive punctually at 7:30 am to Howard University on Georgia Avenue for the Children's Wellbeing Summit. It was event that had been buzzing around the office ever since I had arrived as an intern and now it was finally here. I would be in charge of registering some of the arriving social entrepreneurs, taking photos, as well filming some clips of the event throughout the day. The best part was that I got to sit in on many of inspiring talks that the speakers were giving. Admittedly, I am not much of an optimist, but having this internship has given me insight into so much of the positive impact people are making in the world.


The event centered on the idea of fostering personal growth as well as empathy and sense of purpose within children; however the responsibility should not be isolated to the parents. Rather, this goal should be extended to educational institutions, caretakers, and mental health practitioners as well. In short, fostering growth in children should be a group effort.


I remember something said poignantly by Kathryn Hall-Trujillo, a greatly esteemed leader and entrepreneur of the Birthing Project. She said something along the lines of: “Our children can’t be safe unless all children are safe.” There were various social entrepreneurs who were actively expanding upon their ventures and, in some cases, partnering with each other to build on projects that were locally conceived.


It was great event to witness firsthand.



Discussion at the Children's Wellbeing Summit


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