3 Ways to Keep Worry Off your Back

3 Ways to Keep Worry Off your Back

In and out. In and out. In and out…


Sometimes I get stuck. We all do sometimes. Anxiety is not a new or isolated experience and with enough musing and waiting, it can be paralyzing. I am no stranger to worrying and with the arriving precipice of college graduation, there were a few days where it settled into my bed, sat with me at the breakfast table, and looked over my shoulder at my internship. I want to offer three tips that can help get worry off your back as you ponder your future plans.


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Don’t Side-by-Side

What I mean by this is simple: do not compare yourself. It is easier said than done and this advice may be overplayed as well as underestimated. Do as best as you can to cut yourself some slack. This includes visiting social media a little bit less and being realistic about circumstance and the process for your career journey. Social media has a tendency to warp how we understand time. In one post, an online friend may have posted something about graduation and the next time we see them they are in a three piece suit in a skyscraper office with a fantastic view. It’s easy to assume that that individual, in a short period of time, was able to achieve their goal.


Consider the Present

At this point in our lives, yes, the future is important, but do your best to really evaluate the options and resources you have at your disposal at your internship. Is there someone you could introduce yourself to that you haven’t? Is there an avenue at your internship you haven’t really explored?  What are some skills that you have gained at your internship you haven’t added to your resume? What are some projects that you can take an initiative on at your internship that can add to those skills? Maximize this present opportunity as much as you can.


Consider a Longer Timeline and the Individual Steps In-Between

Understand that attaining a goal or being successful can actually take a while and that’s okay. It does not mean you are a failure. I think, for me especially, I can become quite overwhelmed with the general vision I want my life to be and forget that there are the steps in between that crucial to getting anywhere at all. Those little steps add up and when you finally reach a peak, you will be able to look back and take pride that you’ve come so far.


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