3 Aspects of my Internship I’m Grateful For

3 Aspects of my Internship I’m Grateful For

I don’t care about the rise in Christmas shopping deals, and I’m doing my best to ignore public Christmas lights. It's Thanksgiving season and I want to devote a blog post to the holiday.



No lie, it was sort of intimidating to come into an internship where the rules were pliable. There was not an established writing/editing position. However, because there was a vacancy, I pushed myself to fill it. I was willing and able to put myself to work and with each task I accepted, the more experiences I gained.



Confidence is always great to have when coming into an internship. One should never feel that they are undeserving of their position. I was confident of my writing abilities, but I had to learn that there is always (always) room for improvement. There has been lot of honesty established between my supervisors and myself. From that honesty, I have learned it is indeed okay to not grow attached to the very first draft. I am grateful to my co-workers to establishing that level of communication.



This is a special thanks to the Communications and Design team at Ashoka. This may be the particularity of my internship placement, but it has been truly inspiring to go into the workplace comprised of phenomenal individuals. The work we do collectively is so positive, but it is clear that everyone enjoys their work and they do it well.


Alexandria and co-workers


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