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We Would All Like to Know

Sunday, December 17, 2017

TWC Television Host:  Alright folks, and we are back with Alexandria Brown. We’ve given her a week to think about everything, and we’re expecting to hear some insightful highlights and hopefully some hints at her future plans.   *happy brass jingle*   TWC Television Host: Are you ready?   Audience: Yeah!   TWC Television Host: I’m not sure I heard you, are you ready?   Audience: Yeah!   TWC Television Host: Let’s bring her out!   *pulls back curtain*  

The End Is Nigh, Let's Pack It Up!

Sunday, December 03, 2017

The time has come. It’s the last week of fall semester at The Washington Center and maybe you’re looking around your room, dismayed at the myriad of items you must lug back with you to your home state. What to do with the bedspread and sheets? What to do with toilet paper and paper towels yet to be used?  

So You Wanna Write a Cover Letter...

Sunday, December 03, 2017

For those of us wrapping up our undergraduate career it is that season. It is the season of the job/internship/fellowship/grad school hunt. Some of those avenues require cover letters and some do not, but it is all a painstaking process, is it not?  

I don’t care about the rise in Christmas shopping deals, and I’m doing my best to ignore public Christmas lights. It's Thanksgiving season and I want to devote a blog post to the holiday.   Vacancies

Job In Action: Children's Wellbeing Summit

Saturday, November 18, 2017

While volunteering or working as intern, it can be hard to see how your work is making a contribution at all. I have done some fact-checking here, some photography there, and some editing tasks. I have had to alter my mindset to consider that I am actually working as part of team, and we are all working towards an effort for good. Well, this past Monday our efforts were actualized.

I heard "I wanna go, but it's so hard to get tickets!" all the time whenever someone mentioned the National Museum of African American History. Fortunately, a coworker of mine was generous and had extra tickets to the Museum that she didn’t plan on using. I went alone that day. I didn’t find it heavy or intimidating until I entered the depths of the museum. That’s where one is supposed to start. The bottom.  

3 Ways to Keep Worry Off your Back

Monday, November 06, 2017

In and out. In and out. In and out…   Sometimes I get stuck. We all do sometimes. Anxiety is not a new or isolated experience and with enough musing and waiting, it can be paralyzing. I am no stranger to worrying and with the arriving precipice of college graduation, there were a few days where it settled into my bed, sat with me at the breakfast table, and looked over my shoulder at my internship. I want to offer three tips that can help get worry off your back as you ponder your future plans.  

Journalism: More Than Just Tweets

Monday, October 23, 2017

There was a panel this past Friday with NPR’s Susan Davis and Geoff Bennett. This panel was one of TWC’s professional track activities, where you can choose to attend events that cater to your specific professional interests whether that be policy, law, or advocacy.  

Traveling to NYC for Work (And Fun)

Monday, October 16, 2017

From Wednesday through Friday of last week, I was in New York City for my first ever work travel opportunity.  It was (of course) an exciting adventure, and I got the chance to see a side of New York City I found less intimidating and more endearing. The hotel I got to stay in was so quirky and millennial in SoHo, Manhattan.   Lobby of my hotel  

An Unconventional Start

Sunday, October 08, 2017

It’s easy to give advice once you’ve already gotten where you want to be. But I wanted to offer up a sort of testimonial to the fact that a large part of taking on a semester with The Washington Center, gaining an internship, or striving to achieve anything in life is being ready for the unexpected. Even that means dealing with a difficult roommate in a foreign country while trying maintain a Skype interview.  

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