Friends Who Make the D.C. Experience Worthwhile

Friends Who Make the D.C. Experience Worthwhile

Stressful city life calls for quality times with friends. I am lucky enough to have friends as a support system everywhere I go. With that being said, I’m dedicating this blog to the people who have been by my side ever since I started my D.C. journey, because these people make my experience unique and worthwhile.

From the JC gang...Do you ever feel like you just want to go to your comfort corner and hang with friends after a long work day? I’ve had many moments like that and it made me realize how much my friends mean to me now that we are away from each other.


Needless to say, one of the things I miss the most about leaving my home school, Juniata College, is my friend group. Some of them graduated, some are studying abroad, and the rest are still attending JC while I’m doing The Washington Center’s program. The distance does not keep us from sharing memories together though.


Since my school is only 3 hours away from D.C., I’ve gotten to see my college friends twice. A group of choir friends came down to D.C. a couple weekends ago and I got to spend a day with them. We got lucky because there were a lot of public events taking place on the Saturday that my friends were in town. We went to Fiesta DC, where they threw a big parade to kick off the celebration of Hispanic Heritage month and then to the H Street Festival, one of the most popular festive events in the District (see my blog post about these events). It was a nice and fresh breath to see familiar faces again after a month in D.C.

Fiesta DC

Fiesta DC


And just last weekend, I returned to Juniata for Homecoming Weekend. It’s crazy how things have changed so fast in such a short time. Renovations that were going on when I left school are now all finished. The school looks fresher than ever. Because I decided to take the trip last minute, I did not inform anyone at my school that I was coming. However, my lucky star was on my side: I bumped into every single one of my friends throughout the two nights and that totally made my entire weekend.


I got to spend some quality time with my best friends, discuss some work with my conductor, and got to see tons of familiar faces. It was a nice getaway from the busy city life, and also a sweet reminder of how lucky I am to have the opportunity to move from a small college to the nation's capital.




To my DC squad...I can’t brag about my D.C. experience without mentioning the amazing people that I’ve made friends with here. The cool part about The Washington Center is that they have students coming from all over the place, so chances are, after the program, any student from TWC will have at least a couple friends from random places they’ve never been to.


I am fortunate enough to be one of those students. I got roommates from New Hampshire, Philly, and Kyrgyzstan. And other people in my friend group are from Boston, Texas and Cali. Doing things together really make people bond better. It all started with one night out, one happy hour, and now we are celebrating birthdays and planning “Friendsgiving” together. A semester seems long, but it’s so short if you spend it with the right people. I think my semester has been going by very fast, so my guess is I’ve met the right people in D.C.




Here’s to more memories to be made, and to more friendship to be treasured.


Till next week!


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