Exploring Culture in D.C.

Exploring Culture in D.C.

It’s no surprise that D.C. is a melting pot of diversity and culture. You can literally find all kinds of people in this city: from Hispanic heritage to Asian descent, from geek club member to party representative, from punk chick to bookworm, and anything in between. And what better way to get exposed to this cultural mixture than to partake in different festivals and public events?


Syria Fest

The first event I went to since moving to D.C. was Syria Fest on a beautiful Sunday. The festival was a day-long event with a bunch of cultural tents representing Syria and Syrian culture through a calligraphy demonstration, photography, traditional clothing, and books.


Besides that, Syria Fest also featured many artists of various backgrounds and talents. There were also vendors that did face painting and henna body art, and there were ones that sold authentic food. I never thought I’d like falafel that much had I not tried it at Syria Fest! The festival was a mind-opening experience for people like me as someone who hadn’t had much exposure to Middle Eastern culture.


Syrian Fest


Fiesta D.C.

If you’re in D.C. during the fall semester, you’re lucky because National Hispanic Heritage Month begins in mid-September and ends in mid-October. There are so many events that take place to celebrate this meaningful period of time!


National Hispanic Heritage Month - DC Fiesta


Kicking off the celebration month was Fiesta D.C. This two-day event started off with a Parade of Nations featuring dance groups from various Latin countries such as Bolivia, El Salvador, Panama and Mexico...and WOW! Words cannot describe how delightful it was to be there and to witness all these cultures emerge and blend into this one giant stream of colors and music.


Dancers at DC Fiesta


Each country put on their best costumes and performances to represent their uniqueness. Sunday’s event included a beauty pageant, food and live musical performances. The best part was, both days were free to attend.




H Street Festival

Most D.C. locals know about the H Street Festival, one of the most-attended event in the city. This year’s festival easily attracted thousands of people on a sunny Saturday afternoon.


H Street Festival


The famous event spanned ten blocks and offered its attendees hours of live musical performances, art exhibitions, for-sale crafts, and a variety of cuisines from food trucks and local restaurants. The entire street was flooded with people, music, and the delicious smell of food.


Music at H Street Festival


To be frank, the event probably is not a good idea for people with agoraphobia just because it is quite overwhelming. However, it is a great place to meet people and to experience one of the most unique festival scenes in the District.


Food at H Street Festival


To find out more about social activities in D.C., check out Everfest, TripSavvy or Eventbrite - these are great places to find details about upcoming events!


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