D.C. Weekend on a Budget

D.C. Weekend on a Budget

You want to sleep in on Saturday and still have time to explore the city in the afternoon? Or you want to try out new activities but not spend too much money? I did those exact things this weekend, and this is how I did it:


The Smithsonian’s National Zoo...

… was my adventure on Saturday. I slept in, just as I planned. After having a late lunch, I decided to hit the road to the National Zoo. I took the Metro’s red line from NoMa-Gallaudet to Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan, which was the cheapest way to get there. The zoo is only 10 minute walking distance from the station and the sidewalks were shadowed by trees, which made the walk much more pleasant under the sun.


My friend and I got to the zoo at 2:45pm, which left us two hours to explore it before closing time. Like most visitors, our first target was the pandas. But we were unlucky that day. The pandas were kept inside because the staff was running tests on them to see whether they were pregnant. Speaking of pregnancy, did you know that sometimes female pandas go through a false pregnancy a.k.a pseudopregnancy? I learned that from a zoo’s staff member as she was telling us about pandas’ complex reproduction affair.


Tips for anyone wants to see the pandas when you go to the zoo: they are usually out in the morning and early afternoon, and you can actually check their status by visiting the Giant Panda Cam’s website that is operated by the zoo. Even though we did not get to see the pandas, the trip was totally worth it because of the variety of animals I got to see. And it’s FREE! This is definitely a must-visit destination for anyone living in D.C.


National Zoo in Washington, D.C.

Courtesy of www.jnash.org


… is only 4 miles away from TWC's Residential & Academic Facility (RAF), and it was my adventure on Sunday. You can easily get to Georgetown from Union Station using the D.C. Circulator. It only costs $1.00 each way and will drop you off at the center of Georgetown, if you get off at the stop on 34th street.


Georgetown is such a beautiful area with unique architecture. I was truly amazed by the designs and setup of houses in the area. You will really have to try to find a bad angle of the town, because everything looks like they are coming straight from a painting. Exploring the town by foot is definitely recommended!


Go up the streets that lead to Georgetown University if you have some time. The cobblestone streets and colorful houses will take your breath away. If you are up for some more adventurous activities, there are kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes that are available for rent. My friends and I did kayaking and it only cost us $11 each because we were using the double kayaks. So bring friends and save money ;)


TWC interns kayaking in Georgetown


Sunset in Washington, D.C.


Since we were in Georgetown, let’s talk about Georgetown Cupcake - the famous cupcake store that had their own TV show a few years back. The line to get their sweets was long but O.M.G… was it worth it? Ohh yeah! Again, it’s cheaper to buy in bulk, so bring friends and you can enjoy their delicious cupcakes while saving yourself some coins! I had a chocolate coconut and a caramel apple, and they were bomb diggity!


Georgetown Cupcakes


And that’s how I spent my weekend with less than $20. What about you? What's your ideal D.C. weekend on a budget?


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