Celebrating the Holidays in D.C.

Celebrating the Holidays in D.C.

Let’s be real here: you can get pretty lonely and homesick when you're hundreds of miles away from home, especially when the holiday season comes round. And that’s how I felt when Thanksgiving was approaching. But at the same time, I enjoy D.C. way too much to leave knowing that I only have two weeks left in this beautiful city. So, a couple friends and I decided that we would spend Thanksgiving together and make our own version of Friendsgiving. Was it worth it? Absolutely.


I might sound a little selfish but I was glad that I was not the only one who couldn’t go home for the holiday. People in my friend group are all far away from home, so we decided that sticking around was the better option. Since we decided early that we were all staying, we decided to make one hell of a meal for Thanksgiving. And we did.


I thought it was hard to cook for it, but my friends are such talented cooks. We got a big turkey, even though we only had five people. Meraleigh was in charge of the turkey. Jenna took care of the green bean casserole, stuffing, and gravy. Allison was responsible for desserts. Drew got the drinks and I got the mashed potatoes (with a lot of help from Meraleigh). You know you’re adults when you cook an entire Thanksgiving meal. I was honestly so impressed by my friends’ cooking skills. Because not only did these dishes look amazing, they all tasted so good. We were not messing around.




Jenna, as the event planner that she is, made a holiday schedule where she squeezed in as many events as possible for us to do for the rest of our time here. These activities included visiting the zoo for Zoolights, rooftop ice-skating at the Watergate Hotel, exploring the U.S. Botanical Gardens for live holiday music and trying out a Christmas pop-up bar on 7th Street. We are ready to finish this semester with a blast.


Holiday Market


This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for a lot of things, but mostly for these incredible people that I am lucky to call friends and my family away from home. It was a busy and tough semester. Had it not been for these goofballs being around when I needed them, I would have struggled a lot to get by. Here’s to more memories to be made in the last two weeks of TWC, and to many more adventures to come in the future.



Thanksgiving with TWC friends

Till next week.


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