3 Tips to Tackle D.C. Traffic

3 Tips to Tackle D.C. Traffic

The city lifestyle is not for everyone. There is a lot to deal with while living in a big city, and transportation is one of those things. For sure, D.C. is not as crazy and chaotic as New York City, but its traffic can still definitely drive people insane at times. However, there are solutions to every problem. The following tips are what have been working for me thus far to tackle the hassle called D.C. traffic.

Sometimes, Uber is not always the fastest
Well, I learned this the hard way. The day that Career Boot Camp took place at The Washington Center, I happened to have to go to my internship site to turn in a document. I took the Metro on the way there, and decided to Uber on the way back because it would save me 10 minutes.


Or at least, that’s what it showed on the Uber app. Little did I know, all hours can be "peak" hours in D.C. I thought the Uber would only take 15 minutes. But I did not anticipate all the red lights, construction areas and road blocks. It ended up taking me 40 minutes instead of 15, and I barely made it back to the event in time.


If you’re in a hurry, unless you know for certain that there is no traffic whatsoever, try something more stable and on schedule, like the Metro. It might save you more time than you think.



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Your SmarTrip Card is your best friend

SmarTrip cards are easy to purchase/refill and the process can be conveniently done at any Metro station. They are small and super easy to carry with you. And ultimately, SmarTrip cards are accepted on most means of public transportation: Metro, Metrobus, and DC Circulator. If your commute requires you to switch from the Metro to a bus, a SmarTrip card is almost a necessary item in your wallet, unless you want to carry cash around and pay for every single ride with cash.

If you have a travel plan and know that you’ll take advantage  of public transportation, consider the SelectPass program. Basically, you select the price that works for you (this is the cost for your single commute ride) and purchase the monthly equivalent price for your SelectPass. SelectPass can actually be a money saver if you know how to travel within your price range.




Pedal through the hassle

Anyone who lives in D.C. knows Capital Bikeshare as one of the most convenient ways to get around for short distances. Affordable pricing, easy access, and conveniently-placed stations are what make Capital Bikeshare so popular. As long as you can time your travel (keep it within 30 minutes), Capital Bikeshare will be your best friend. Or, if you think you will pedal more than 30 minutes, just return your bike at a station, and check it out right away for another ride as long as your membership is active. On a side note, D.C. is very bike-friendly as well, and biking to and from work can be your exercise for the day.



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Hope these tips help you beat D.C. traffic as they have helped me!


Till next week.


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