How to Make Friends and Discover D.C.

How to Make Friends and Discover D.C.

I have been in Washington, D.C. for over a month now and am enjoying every single moment of it. However, current TWC students or alumni will know what I am talking about when I tell you that time flies by at an abnormal pace here, which is exactly why you should try and make the most of your precious experience.


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No idea how to do this? No worries, I can help! My roommates and I came up with an activity that will allow you to get the most out of two must-do things while at TWC: making friends and discovering the city.


Why is it important to get to know people, you ask? Not only is it fun to make a bunch of new friends (RIP loneliness), it is also a networking opportunity (#winningatprofessionallife #beingbusinessprofessionaly’all). Why is it important to discover D.C. is your follow-up question? Because you are in the capital of the U.S. that’s why. Stop asking silly questions.


Roll and Ride Game

My roommates and I are very proud to present to you: “the roll and ride-game." In order to play, you will need the following items: two dice, different colored Sharpie markers, a piece of paper, scissors, some tape and a positive attitude. The purpose of the game is to make new friends while also discovering D.C.


Step 1: buy dice/ship dice from home
Step 2: cut six small pieces of paper and color them in the following colors: red, orange, blue, yellow, green and silver
Step 3: tape the six colored pieces of paper on each side of dice 1
Step 4: don’t change anything about dice 2, it is perfect the way it is


Rules of the game

Now that the practical side of the “roll and ride” has been taken care of, you are ready to start playing. The rules of the game are very simple: get a group of people together and role the dice. Dice 1 will tell you the color of the Metro line you are riding, dice 2 will indicate the number of stops you will ride the Metro for.


In order to give you some freedom (this is a free country after all), you get to choose the direction you will travel in. Last but not least: depending on the color that you threw, you should start at Gallery Place (yellow, green) Metro Center (blue, silver, orange) or Noma Gallaudet (red).



Voila, that’s all you need to know to get started. Be safe, role the dice and have fun!


I wave you goodbye,

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