How to Decorate Your Room at TWC

How to Decorate Your Room at TWC

Hi everybody! After taking a week off, I am back with a brand new blog post and this time I will be writing about something very important: decorating your apartment. Why is this important, you may ask? Not only is it a fun roommate activity, but I would say that, in general, living in a cozy apartment is a lot more fun than living in what looks like a hotel room.

When you arrive at TWC, you will be assigned to a building in the NoMa neighborhood. Most people (myself included) will be staying at TWC's Residential and Academic Facility (RAF), which is also the building where your evening course, your LEAD Colloquium sessions and most TWC activities will take place. The RAF has two-people and four-people apartments. Unless you want complete privacy, you will probably end up in a four-people apartment that you will be sharing with three roommates. A four-bedroom apartment has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a common living area. A lot of rooms, so a lot of opportunity to decorate!


The Living Room

Writing that my roommates and I are big fans of cozy, soft lighting is probably an understatement. When I saw two of them unpack some Christmas lights on the day we moved in, I instantly knew that we were going to get along just fine! A month later, our apartment has more Christmas lights than should legally be allowed unless it’s actually Christmas, but we love it. The best ones we put up are from Walmart and they only cost us $2, so obviously we got a ton and put them up all around the kitchen area. In order to add some light in the kitchen, we also bought two little lamps at IKEA that are not only adorable, but also add a lot of very cozy light!

Next to lights, we also decorated our apartment by turning one of our walls into a display of our time here in D.C. A few cork boards and thumbtacks is all it takes to put up drawings, pictures, artwork, messages and so on. It also helps to have a very talented roommate that draws all day long. Once you have a few pictures with your roommates, you should go and print them out at CVS. It’s quick, cheap and so much fun to decorate your walls with. Decorations don’t always have to cost you money though, it’s also a lot of fun to recycle things and re-use them for something else. You can use empty wine bottles as a vase or an old jar as a piggy bank!


The Bedroom

Although you will spend a lot of time in the living room, your bedroom is where you (hopefully) end up at the end of the day. In order to make my room cozy and fun to come home to, I hung a piece of metal string on the wall, on which I attached Polaroid pictures of my friends and family with little magnets. My roommate Betsy and I also went to IKEA together and got matching rugs which really adds to the coziness of our room. To finish things off, we hung some Christmas lights (obviously) and spelled our room number on the wall.


Room decor


So there you go, decorating your room should be a piece of cake after reading this blog post. Get your Christmas spirit on and start decorating!

I wave you goodbye,


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