3 Activities for Cold D.C. Weather

3 Activities for Cold D.C. Weather

After weeks of confusing reports, running back up to the apartment to change clothes, buying umbrellas at a disturbing rate because I never have one when I need it, it is finally official: the cold weather has arrived in D.C.


Although many TWC students feared this moment, my inner Belgian is very excited about this change of temperature. The arrival of the cold winds and rain does not necessarily mean that you should stay in bed all day and hibernate. There are many fun activities to do when the weather turns on you. Allow me to elaborate:


1. Go to the movies during the day

Personally, I think that there is nothing worse than going to the movies while you are losing precious sunny beautiful daylight. During fall/winter however, when the days are rainy and cold, there is no better time. Is it raining outside and you are bored out of your mind? Go to the theatre and watch a movie! The closest movie theatre to The Washington Center is Regal Cinemas (Metro stop: Gallery Place Chinatown) and although prices are high (they kind of always are…), sometimes you just gotta #treatyoself.


2. Rainy afternoon crafts

As you know, my roommates and I like to decorate our apartment, and this weekend we added three pieces of art to our growing collection. We fully realize that Christmas is still pretty far away and that Thanksgiving is next on the agenda, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t already get into the ho-ho-ho spirit.


So, on Saturday night, surrounded by our illegal amount of Christmas lights, we made gingerbread houses. To my roommates' shock and amusement, I had never made one in my life. To my shock and amusement, building a house out of cookies and candy was harder than being accepted to The Washington Center (I am kidding - stay in school kids). Although 99% of our apartment and myself are still covered in frosting, this is a must-do activity!



3. Get creative with your clothing

The arrival of cold weather consequently imposes a change of wardrobe. If you are one of those people that forgot to pack the basics in order to survive, don’t despair! There are a few ways to stay warm that do not involve spending all of your precious dollar bills.


The most important piece of advice I can give you is to work with layers. Nobody will notice that you are wearing a thin jacket meant for summer temperatures if you are wearing 5 sweaters underneath. If your legs are cold, wear leggings underneath your pants. Again, no one will notice and your legs will thank you for it. Last but not least, I forgot to bring gloves and couldn’t be bothered to buy some, so I made my own! The only thing you have to do is cut the top of your socks off and cut a hole for your thumb and there you go: warm hands + very hipster looking gloves #Urbanwouldsellthesefor$99.99.



On this creative note, I hope that you are looking forward to the rainy weeks ahead of us and enjoy every minute you have in D.C. Stay warm, stay dry, stay happy!

I wave you goodbye,


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