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Program: Politics & Public Policy

Being a "Young Professional"

Monday, November 13, 2017

“Young Professional." “It’ll be a great networking opportunity." “Because it’s time to start thinking about your future." “You really should spend some time beefing up your LinkedIn profile”   Like nails on a chalkboard, like the screech of a heavy chair dragged across a tile floor, like people who grind their teeth, like when people overuse similes (guilty as charged), I cringe whenever I hear these phrases. These phrases dig under my skin for a number of reasons.  

Don't Do What I Did (Tips from an Intern)

Sunday, November 05, 2017

The first day I walked into my internship site I was overdressed, nervous, and uncomfortably sweaty (as if there is such a thing as comfortably sweaty). I arrived 30 minutes early to find the office door locked and no one around. So, instead of waiting by the door like an anxious puppy (I had recently shaved so I was feeling especially childlike), I opted to hide in a bathroom stall for 25 minutes and casually wait it out.  

Getting out of D.C. (For the Day)

Saturday, October 14, 2017

In the South, you really have to work to find something to do. A common pastime in Arkansas is wandering around the local Walmart for hours on end, not buying anything, just walking. If you want to travel in the South, it is a commitment, because often the nearest big city or vacation destination is in the adjacent state.  

Preparing to Protest in Washington, D.C.

Monday, October 02, 2017

If you visit D.C. on any day of the year, more likely than not a public demonstration of some sort will be taking place. Two weeks ago, a Kurdish Independence Referendum, Black Lives Matter Protest, Pro-Trump rally, Cancer Research Festival, and Juggallo (appreciators of the Insane Clown Posse) protest/concert took place, all on the same Saturday.  

Life in an Ant Colony

Monday, September 25, 2017

When 5 o’clock comes in D.C., it truly is an amazing sight: all the people in business suits and neon sneakers, avoiding eye contact and confidently power walking to their next important destination. It’s a coordinated dance that you learn quickly or risk destroying the carefully constructed synergy, to be punished with piercing side eyes and carefully volumed scoffs and snorts.  

So, you go on this big trip, and it is supposed to change you. It's challenging, revealing, and fantastic. It's a privilege, an opportunity, but most importantly, an “adventure." But what if you show up for your adventure, figure out that it's only the location that has changed, and you’re still the same you you’ve always been?  

A System of Politics and Art

Monday, September 04, 2017

We’ve all been told at one point in our lives to refrain from talking politics at the dinner table. Along with money and religion, politics has a tendency to make people finish their drink and prepare for an upcoming parade of arguments, misunderstandings, and hurt feelings.   We avoid this at my family gatherings, opting for more pleasant interactions over side eyes and passive aggressive comments. In the South, the art of avoiding uncomfortable topics has been nearly perfected, with any decisive comments hid under a layer sweet tea geniality.  

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