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Program: Politics & Public Policy

So, you go on this big trip, and it is supposed to change you. It's challenging, revealing, and fantastic. It's a privilege, an opportunity, but most importantly, an “adventure." But what if you show up for your adventure, figure out that it's only the location that has changed, and you’re still the same you you’ve always been?  

A System of Politics and Art

Monday, September 04, 2017

We’ve all been told at one point in our lives to refrain from talking politics at the dinner table. Along with money and religion, politics has a tendency to make people finish their drink and prepare for an upcoming parade of arguments, misunderstandings, and hurt feelings.   We avoid this at my family gatherings, opting for more pleasant interactions over side eyes and passive aggressive comments. In the South, the art of avoiding uncomfortable topics has been nearly perfected, with any decisive comments hid under a layer sweet tea geniality.  

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