Networking in DC: 3 Ways to Become a Ninja at Networking

Networking in DC: 3 Ways to Become a Ninja at Networking

Networking?!? What’s that?


Networking is a vital way to make a connection with people you meet in various social settings and during your internship. These connections can grow to become instrumental in both your personal amd professional relationships; assisting you find a new job, learning from professionals in your career field, finding a mentor, or a new friend. Here are 3 ways to leave that lasting impression as a Networking Ninja!



Smile Always and Often


I have come to the realization that people are very focused when commuting around the D.C. area. This is because everyone moves with a purpose.  Smiling often prompts conversation and is usually contagious. Say "cheese" and be ready to socialize, you never know who you can meet on your ride back to the RAF.


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Have Engaging Questions and Responses

Don’t start with the traditional “Hi! How are you?” prompt. If you use this, you will mostly like receive a “Good,” or maybe not even get a response at all. Instead, you could always ask: “What’s new with you today?” This prompts a completely different range of responses and allows you to learn more about them. Most people are willing to share about exciting upcoming news in their lives. Make sure you keep your ears and mind open!

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Conclusion and Follow Up


All things come to an end, even conversations. "If" the conversation is a good one, try to initiate a future connection either with the exchange of contact information or social media. To maintain the standards of being professional, a good recommendation would be to connect with them on LinkedIn or a follow-up email/phone call.  It is strongly recommended that you follow up within the 24 to 48 hour time period of the interaction, so you're still fresh in their memory. Indicate how you met them and mention how you enjoyed the discussion point of the talk. You will be sure to leave that great lasting impression.


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With any type of skill, it takes practice to craft it to perfection. It's always difficult to get out of your comfort zone especially when it comes to meeting new people, but most people in DC are always opening to networking! If you are ever curious about networking best practices, you can always read some books on the subject or watch some YouTube videos. Major result: You become a Master Networking Ninja!


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