Lessons Learned From Boys State

Lessons Learned From Boys State

This past week with my internship at The American Legion, I had the opportunity to participate in their 2nd Annual Boys State program (July 10-14, 2017). The American Legion is one of the oldest and largest veterans service organizations, established in 1919 and has various programs aimed at assisting veterans and their families in the areas of health, employment, education, and benefits & services. Now, you may ask yourself; “What is the Boys State program?”, to provide you with a simplified answer I will quote from The American Legion, the:


“…among the most respected and selective educational programs of government instruction for U.S. high school students. A participatory program in which students become part of the operation of local, county and state government, Boys State was founded in 1935...”


This program has a longstanding history in the U.S. and is facilitated in various states. During my time in this program, I had the chance to use my photography skills to highlight the program. I’m prepping myself to provide the best quality shots as you can see below:


Testing Out My Equipment


Additionally, I even had a chance to facilitate pubic speaking exercises with the future leaders of tomorrow. The main takeaway from this week is that we must invest in our youth for them to succeed in the future. It’s like when you plant a flower, tree, vegetable, or fruit; you must water and enrich the seeds for them to them grow to its potential.


Courtesy of PxHere.com


The young participants had a chance to tour the Capitol and learn about the significance and functionality of the Government (i.e., executive, legislative, and judicial branches), and the great part is that the admission is FREE. I had a great time and even learned alot myself about our Government during the tour. I was even able to take a quick selfie while we were waiting to enter.


Selfie at The Capitol


Remember, you can make reservations online to plan your visit!


Since I am the new Post Commander for The American Legion Post 324 at the University of Southern Indiana, this experience has given me the motivation to establish a Boys State program when I return to the Hoosier state (Indiana). I can’t wait!!


Signing off,

Chaze Patrick


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