The Emergence of a New Leader

The Emergence of a New Leader

One of the main goals that I set for myself this year was to become a better leader for my university, community, and nation. How have I done this? There are four main events this year that have tremendously shaped my leadership skills sets: the Connect with Southern Indiana leadership program, attending the National Convention of the Student Veterans of America, serving in various leadership roles through Toastmasters International, and my experiences through TWC's the VET Initiative.


Connect with Southern Indiana



The Connect with Southern Indiana (CSI) Leadership Program is “ a leadership program sponsored by the University of Southern Indiana focused on promoting active citizenship and developing creative problem-solving skills for individuals in the non-profit and for-profit sectors across a nine-county region in Southwest Indiana. The program highlights divergent and analytical thinking, idea generation, communication skills, and strategic entrepreneurship from a community development perspective...” During my time at CSI, I was able to greatly improve my analytical and leadership skills. Additionally, I was able to make a difference in my community, learn more about the region where I was attending school, and meet some great individuals like myself who are looking to engage and made a difference in their local communities. Check out my experience blog from CSI here.


The Student Veterans of America


2017 SVA NatCon


The Student Veterans of America has been instrumental in heightening my leadership capacities. Earlier this year, I had the chance to attend their National Convention (NATCON) in Disneyland. This is where I was able to learn how to effectively manage my chapter (Student Veterans Association of the University of Southern Indiana), engage with other student veterans from around the country, and network with various companies that aim to hire veterans. This is where I had a chance to discover The Washington Center and the VET Initiative, which is how I eventually ended up writing this blog to you. I look forward to attending the 2018 NATCON in San Antonio, Texas and excited for the new opportunities I'll discover there like I did before.


Toastmasters International


First Year of Being a Toastmaster


Toastmasters has allowed me to further enhance myself as a leader, further challegening me and developing the skills needed to be a success in my future professional pursuits. Last week, I was able to complete my Competent Leadership (CL) manual through the organization and will now be known as a Competent Leader with Toastmasters. For more information about the benefits of advancing yourself as a leader through Toastmasters, check out my blog that details this great organization.


The VET Initiative


2017 VET Initiative Class


There are no words to convey the significance of the VET initiative has brought to my professional background. During my time here, the VET Initiative has provided me with the tools to lead and empower others. Additionally, this program has attributed to expanding my career options and skills when I graduate next year. I am proud to represent The Washington Center as I become one of 25 student veterans who will have completed the program in the upcoming weeks.


Before I left Indiana, I vowed to myself that I would be better than I was before. My time in D.C. is starting to end and I am excited because I have much to do when I return in making a positive difference. Stay tuned for the great things that will come in the future!


Signing off,

Chaze Patrick


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