A Day at The White House

A Day at The White House

Last week I went to The White House for the first time! In a previous blog, I explained about my experiences with Boys State. There is a cumulating event called Boys and Girls Nation where the young leaders receive an education on the structure and function of federal government in Washington, D.C. This event occurs every year.


Since we had arrived at The White House early, I took the chance and posed in front of the lectern where President Trump would be speaking to everyone!



After we finished our photos, we took our places by the teleprompter where the media would be stationed. We ensured that we were out of the way since we were advised that the media could be very aggressive if we were in the way for their shots. President Trump came out unofficially before the event began, going around and shaking everyone’s hand and took group photos with the young men and women.


President Trump’s speech for the young men and women started and he began reading off the teleprompter words of endearment and encouragement to the young leaders. Part of his speech was calling up various leaders of The American Legion to the platform and extended his gratitude for a job well done in advocating for veterans and military families. The crowd cheered as he finished his patriotic speech as he exited the venue to continue his presidential duties, an experience that I will always remember and glad I had the opportunity to be a part of.


We exited the front gates of The White House and quickly went back to work in the hot, humid weather as other staff members and I transported food to buses to feed the hungry young leaders. Once we finished, I hopped back into a taxis and headed to back to The American Legion. My intern supervisor and I recapped on today’s events, based on our conversation he mentioned that he had a chance to shake the President’s hand. He asked, “Where did you go? I was trying to get you to snap a shot with me with President Trump.” When I told him that I was off to the side, he said, “You should have been next to me. I was up close and personal with President Trump. It’s not every day that you get a chance to shake hands with the President of the United States.” A missed opportunity but with the whirlwind of the event, one that was easily missed.


As I recap on my experiences in D.C., I can at least say that I had been to The White House. One more thing that I can check off my bucket list.

Signing off,

Chaze Patrick


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