Becoming a Time Management Guru: 3 Ways to Get the Job Done on Time

Becoming a Time Management Guru: 3 Ways to Get the Job Done on Time

Where did the time go? Between balancing school, work, and personal responsibilities, many people struggle from the 9-1-1 effect or as I call it: “Procrastination until the last minute” syndrome. As the below photo displays:



However, there is hope! Let me provide you with three tips to become a Time Management Guru!

Have a Plan

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If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Ask yourself: What are the main objective(s) you are trying to accomplish that day? If it’s related to school, are you trying to complete a major milestone for a project? If it’s related to personal responsibilities, can the task be completed with minimal time or will it require more than 15 minutes of your time? Having a plan provides you with directives for what you need to complete that day whether you use a paper or electronic calendar.

Prioritize and Use a Checklist

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Checklists are awesome because you can use them to prioritize your tasks. Find a system that works for prioritization. For example, you could use the “123 system.” The first priority could be categorized as tasks that are of the highest priority to complete, the second priority could be tasks that are important, but can be completed whenever time permits, and finally the third can be the lowest priority tasks. For example, if I have a project that is due the same day; that task should be deemed to a category 1. Any task that you were not able to complete that day can be rolled over to the next day. Please note: Some tasks may be moved around based on the circumstances of the day – be careful when setting the right number.


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Now that you have a plan and have prioritized, it's now time to execute. In this phase, it is important to ensure that you are uninterrupted when completing your tasks. Find a place where you know that you won’t be interrupted. This place could be in a study room, the loneliest corner in a library, or in a bubble (just kidding on the last one). Use an environment that will help maximize your time and efforts. One more thing, turn off your phone or put it on silent. Let the world wait as you overcome the obstacles in front of you with victory.


Now that we have outlined these methods: USE THEM!!! The system will not be perfect the first couple of times you do it, however with practice you can overcome anything that comes your way. Now take out your pen and paper and/or computer, and change the world.


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Signing off until next time,

Chaze Patrick


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