Lessons Learned in D.C.

Lessons Learned in D.C.

Within a week of leaving The Washington Center, I also graduated from my university. My undergraduate degree in political science was three and a half years in the making and involved a fair share of sweat and tears. Leaving college feels bittersweet, similarly to leaving TWC.


A rainbow above an old fire station in D.C.

During my time at The Washington Center I made some of the best friends I’ve ever had. That may seem strange, given that the summer term was only ten weeks long, but it's true. This summer is a patchwork of amazing memories all involving the wonderful people I met during my time in D.C.

This was a summer of conquering fears. As someone who deals with anxiety, I never thought I could live on my own so far from home. I certainly never thought that I could fly or navigate the Metro alone. This has been a summer of overcoming deep-seated anxieties and becoming more confident in my own strengths. Not everything in D.C. was sunshine and rainbows, though there are quite a lot of rain showers in the summer months.

Learning what you do not enjoy is just as important as finding what you do enjoy. I learned that I am not a city person. Before I left, many people joked about me being a country mouse going to live in the city. I shrugged this off, determined to love city life in D.C.

However, after living in the city for ten weeks, I can confidently say that I am not meant for the city. I long for a peaceful, slower life that just is not attainable in a city that is always moving.

I also learned that I may want to reconsider law school. This path for future studies was one that I often scoffed at. Everyone told me I should pursue legal studies, but I was determined not to. After seeing human rights lawyers discussing the death of Liu Xiaobo, I felt more inclined to investigate this career path. I am driven by the desire to help people and to make a difference in this world. Human rights law seems like a fitting career path to explore.

I am beyond happy to be home, but I am grateful for the friends I made and the experiences I had while living in such an interesting place.


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