The Introvert's Guide to Making Friends

The Introvert's Guide to Making Friends

In the days leading up to my arrival at The Washington Center, I was terrified. I was afraid that I would not make friends here.

Without a doubt, this was a silly worry. The only obstacle I have ever had to surmount in terms of finding and making friends has been using my voice. There was a time in my life, up until very recently, when I was painfully shy.


Even still, there are times when it takes a ridiculous amount of energy for me to work up enough nerve to speak to someone. If you find yourself stuck in the same introverted and socially anxious boat, here are some tried and true methods to help you make friends during your time here.


Find an extrovert

If you ever find yourself in need of a friend, find an extrovert. Befriending an extrovert means opening up the possibility of meeting many more friends through this person. If they’re talkative in LEAD activities or your evening course, odds are that they’ve already established a network of friends at TWC.


I often joke that the best way for an introvert to make friends is to find an extrovert who will take you under their wing. I am someone who wants to experience all of the best parts of life; sometimes that just means that I need a little push from a friend who feels more comfortable going out.


TWC Student Bloggers Sara and Navneet

Navneet, a fellow TWC blogger and good friend


Reach out to old friends

Your group of friends has likely changed considerably since high school. However, many of us have at least one friend we can point to who has been with us the longest. For me, that is someone named Paige who has known me since I was nine.


We grew up in houses situated right next to each other and have remained close despite different colleges and not seeing each other as often as we used to. If you find yourself feeling down, call your oldest friends. If it’s possible, see if they can come to visit! Paige recently made a trip to see me (and the city) and we had a blast. If you aren’t able to visit with them, reach out to them over the phone. Hearing a familiar, friendly voice can make you feel less lonely.

Sara and her friend Paige

Paige and I in front of the Tennessee section of the World War II Memorial



This is the oldest advice in the book for making new friends, but it is true nonetheless. If you are someone who typically stays in on Friday nights, find something to do and go out! Websites like Meetup and Eventbrite are filled with various activities for every personality and interest. Find an event that sparks your interest and go! Be brave, and I promise that it will pay off. If you struggle with being shy like I did, seeking out events like this can help you to break out of your shell.

Visiting the DC Zoo

A trip to the zoo with friends old and new

No matter what route you take here at TWC, it will be hard to come away from this experience having made no new friends.


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