Summer Nights as a Washingtonian

Summer Nights as a Washingtonian

As Plato artfully noted in The Republic, centuries ago: “This City is what it is because our citizens are what they are." Though this remark refers to an era and place far removed from the present day, its sentiment echoes in the bustling city streets, the halls of our public institutions, and in the youthful exuberance that characterizes life in Washington, D.C.

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Since I moved into The Washington Center two weeks ago, I can honestly say that I’ve had the time of my life. Though I eagerly anticipated my experience prior to arriving in D.C., I was naturally terrified the day I actually had to leave home. As I sat in a cab awaiting my arrival at The Washington Center, I couldn’t help but to ask myself: “What on Earth compelled me to embark on a rigorous summer internship program 600 miles away from the comfort of rural Maine?” Despite this initial doubt, I was comforted by the word choice of the question I asked myself. I didn’t simply want to go to D.C., I was compelled by a force greater than myself.


My interest in public policy stems from a deep-seated desire to make a difference in the world around me. Through my internship on Capitol Hill with Congressman Bruce Poliquin, I have been given a rare and meaningful opportunity to serve the community I grew up in. Through working hard every day for the people of Maine’s second district, I have developed a greater understanding of the issues Maine people care about and the role government plays in effecting positive change.


In addition to finding meaningful work in a field that I‘m passionate about, I have also been blessed to have met an incredible group of friends. Of all the sights and opportunities this city has to offer, the most transformative aspect of my experience thus far has been meeting other young, bright, and ambitious people from around the country and world with similar interests. From exploring Washington D.C.’s historic monuments in the middle of the night, to seeing Chance the Rapper perform in Baltimore, to watching Tim Tebow play minor league baseball, I have already made many lifelong memories with such a special group of people.



I always knew that this was the city for me. From "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" to "House of Cards," Washington D.C. is depicted as the center of the world. As I’ve walked the National Mall and absorbed countless physical depictions of history and American democracy, I am continually overwhelmed by the fact that I am living in the capital city of the greatest nation on Earth. However, whether it is through government, the private sector, or individual relationships, the remarkable character of this city is forged by its people. Through my work with Congressman Poliquin and The Washington Center, I hope to contribute to, and fully appreciate, everything this city has to offer. I can’t wait to see what else this summer will hold!


What a time to be alive.

Ray Mosca


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