The Remaining 16 Hours

The Remaining 16 Hours

Though ten weeks seemed like a long time when I first began my internship in the nation's capital, the realization that summer will eventually end has started to creep into my consciousness. Because of this, the importance of taking advantage of every remaining moment has become clear.


Professional and academic success is a priority at The Washington Center. However, many of the most shaping experiences I have had in D.C. so far have occurred outside of my internship. Since each TWC intern works at an internship site for at least eight hours each weekday, this post focuses on how to best utilize the remaining sixteen hours in the day.


Take The Leap

The most important step to making the most out of the summer is to realize how much D.C. has to offer. There is literally something new and exciting happening in the city every day. Because of this, it is important to be open to all of the potential adventures waiting to happen. Get out of your comfort zone, put yourself out there to make new friends, and try new things that you ordinarily wouldn’t have the chance to at home.



Be Spontaneous

Though this picture (below) of me in front of the New York City skyline seems like it must have taken some degree of planning, it might surprise you to hear that ten hours before this picture was taken, I had no idea I would be traveling to New York City. Because there are so many exciting opportunities near and around D.C., be ready to make the plan up as you go in order to experience it all.



Sleep Later

There is so much to do here, and unfortunately, only so many hours in a day. It can sometimes be difficult to balance work, class, and a great time with the necessity of sleep. My suggestion? Don’t sleep. Obviously sleep enough to function at a high level, but in reality, you have the rest of your life to sleep and only ten weeks in D.C. Stay out late, wake up early, and drink lots of coffee, because if you snooze, you’ll lose.



As the second half of the summer goes on, I’ll be sure to follow this guide in order to fully take advantage of the rest of my D.C. experience!


Ray Mosca


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