The Perks of New Friendships

The Perks of New Friendships

“Experience Transforms." This phrase, which is the official motto of The Washington Center, has become my personal motto for the summer. When I moved to Washington D.C. in May, the direct implication of this statement made me somewhat uncomfortable. Though I was prepared for the adventure of a lifetime, I didn't necessarily want to be “transformed." I was comfortable with myself, my future plans, and my general perspective of the world. After a month of living in a different environment with an entirely new group of friends, I cannot think of a more accurate description of my experience than transformative.


From my internship itself to the novelty of living in the nation’s capital, there are many factors contributing to the expansion of my horizons. Of all these influences, none have become more significant than the relationships I have built. Before I arrived in D.C., all of my friends were from Maine and New England, all sharing very similar backgrounds. At TWC, I have become close to people from all around the country, whose perspectives challenge the way I view the world and myself. Beyond the diversity of experience though, the quality of the these individuals and the relationships we've developed have become a genuine source of newfound inspiration.



The vibrancy of Washington D.C. stems from intent. No one is here by accident. Each individual who participates in the TWC program is ambitious, goal-oriented, and passionate. This creates an energetic atmosphere conducive to both professional and personal growth. Exposure to other young people with similar interests is what makes this city and program truly transformative. I never imagined becoming so close to such a remarkable group of people in the short amount of time I’ve been here.



An important aspect of growth is risk taking. Though one’s personal growth is measured internally, it is often shaped by external experiences and events. By participating in TWC’s internship program, I have been exposed to opportunities that have helped me re-evaluate what I want out of life. Though deciding what one truly seeks out of life is a question that takes time to answer, this summer has helped me get significantly closer to figuring it out. The friends I’ve made in Washington D.C. have unlocked a new part of me that I am extremely excited to see expand.



The biggest challenge going forward will be maintaining the friendships I have built in the future. Though some of my best friends live as far away as Texas, Arizona, and Florida, I am confident that the relationships we’ve built over the summer will last a lifetime. Though I will do everything in my power to keep my friends close, only time will tell where we land.


In the words of Winston Churchill: “It is a mistake to look too far ahead. Only one link of the chain of destiny can be handled at a time."


Ray Mosca


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