4 Things I'll Miss About Life in D.C.

4 Things I'll Miss About Life in D.C.

It’s great to be home. I haven’t seen many family members for the whole summer, and it’s great to see my local friends after a two-and-a-half-month hiatus. I feel that I have a better appreciation of where I come from, as I learned that a time away from home makes me love it even more.

But that goes for D.C. as well. After spending a few days back home, I’ve been reflecting on my summer in D.C., and I’ve been reminiscing about what I enjoyed, and what I’ll miss.

First and foremost, I’ll miss the weather. Although the dreaded humidity and heat physically killed me on my morning walks to Union Station, I felt healthier after every run and bike ride. I truly feel that I got in better shape this summer, and the overhaul of sweat helped for sure.

I’ll miss the monuments. Seeing history up close and personal was awe-inspiring to me, and the magnificent structures like the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument were such grandiose symbols of American culture that I just couldn’t overlook. In fact, you could see the Washington Monument from almost any tall building in Capitol Hill and NoMA.


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I’ll miss my internship co-workers. Many people who worked at my internship site, The Washington D.C. Economic Partnership, guided me on how to become a young professional in the working world, and they showed me what it takes to be taken seriously as I progress in my career. The fellow interns, with whom I shared a workspace, were entertaining to say the least, and encouraging as well.


Most of all, I’ll miss the freedom that comes with leaving home. The quick urgency and excitement that comes from a rapid departure from home were things that energized me to achieve as much as possible, in as little time as possible. I was motivated to work harder and attain more than what I was used to, since I had an extremely fortunate gift of working in such an important and influential city as Washington, D.C.

With all the ups and downs that I’ve encountered this summer, I’m content with what I’ve done. I have no regrets, and I feel that now, I can do what I feel I’ve earned: chill.


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