Solo Trip to NYC

Solo Trip to NYC

Two nights booked on a random futon in Brooklyn, one backpack of essentials, and zero solid plans - this was my spontaneous solo trip to NYC last weekend.


Lady Liberty

Statue of Liberty


My first night was spent roaming around Times Square, taking in the sheer amount of people everywhere and trying to get through to where I was trying to go. I essentially got off the bus and just started walking. I explored the Hershey store, walked by long lines of people waiting to see Aladdin, snagged a selfie at the New York Times Building, and found an anti-Trump protest outside the Fox News studio. There was so much going on at all times, I actually felt a bit of culture shock and found myself gaping at all the massive skyscrapers. D.C. is so quiet compared to “the big city”!



Cole and me on the subway!


On Saturday, the only definite plans I had were to meet up with my friend Cole who recently moved from Edmonton to Brooklyn. I left my Airbnb bright and early, took the Subway (which I’m surprised I figured out on my own!) over to Manhattan, and just started walking again without any real sense of where I was going. It was seriously the most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done and it was so liberating. While I waited for Cole to get off work, I saw the Empire State Building, explored NBC studios, walked into a huge street market, sent a few postcards from Grand Central Station (!!!), and got a free ticket to the MoMa. I was such a tourist.


Empire State Building

Empire State Building


Seeing Cole was the best part of the trip. He took me to an amazing Ukrainian place for dinner, walked the Brooklyn Bridge with me, and got us drinks at a sweet little patio in his neighborhood. Even though we did a lot of walking, it was honestly such a relaxing day. It felt unreal to be exploring a city I had only ever dreamed about visiting. Walking down Wall Street, seeing the 9/11 Memorial, cruising by the Statue of Liberty  — all of it was incredible.


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