Lifelong Friendship in the Nation's Capital

Lifelong Friendship in the Nation's Capital

My D.C. adventure wouldn’t have been the same without the lifelong friendships I made along the way. Whether I was having brunch that was way over my budget or getting lost in a random part of D.C., I’m so grateful that I got do it all alongside some of the most hilarious, caring, and dedicated people I have ever met. Here are a few snippets of our adventures together:


Having (Expensive) Brunch

One morning we decided to try out D.C.’s infamous brunch scene and, of course, ended up at a place that was way too expensive. By the time we figured out the prices, we were already sitting down and there was no escape! But it was definitely worth it in the end - the pancakes there were delicious. They were served with blueberry jam and icing sugar on top, best pancakes I’ve ever had. And they were even better in the company of new friends!


Brunch in DC

Having brunch together at a restaurant by the Navy Yard


Boating at the Tidal Basin

After brunch, we decided to check out the Jefferson Memorial from the tidal basin. We bought a four-person pedal boat and ventured out into the river. The view was surreal and the hour long ride was very relaxing - partially because Emily and I made Zach and Sterlin do all the hard work of directing the boat.


Boating at the Tidal Basin

Boating at the Tidal Basin


Visiting Obama's House

After brunch, we had nothing planned and randomly decided we wanted to see Obama’s house. Against Zach’s logical reminders that there would probably be security everywhere, we called an Uber and went to Obama’s neighborhood. The houses in the area were enormous and most of them had beautiful red brick exteriors. We walked around for a bit admiring the architecture, then headed over to Belmont Road. As expected, we were immediately stopped by a police officer at the end of the road who denied our request to see Obama’s new house. Zach’s never going to let us forget it.


Protesting at the Capitol

A few nights later, we had just gotten home from dinner when I received a notification about a protest going on at the Capitol. People were organizing to protest the “skinny repeal” of Obamacare which would be voted on in the Senate later that night. Since it was our last week in D.C., we decided to grab our bikes and participate in the protest. We raced down the Capitol streets laughing and chanting in the middle of the night to watch a historical vote happen - I felt like I was in a movie! We even saw Bernie Sanders! And Kamala Harris! And Elizabeth Warren! What a night!


Skinny Repeal Protest

Healthcare protest at Capitol Hill - "skinny repeal" was blocked by the Senate


Stargazing at the Air Force Memorial

This memorial was so worth it at night. It was a warm night with a bit of a breeze when we went and there were surprisingly few tourists around. The stars were amazing from the hill where the memorial is built and the view of D.C. was phenomenal. We visited the 9/11 memorial by the Pentagon afterwards, which was also very interesting as it’s right beside the Pentagon’s main building. I had no idea it even existed until Emily pointed it out while we were in the area. Both memorials are definitely worth a visit!


The Pentagon

Emily and Zach sitting outside the Pentagon


These are just a few of the great memories we made this summer. I wish I had met this group of friends earlier on so we could’ve done even more spontaneous things together. We’ve already planned a road trip to the Rocky Mountains next year so stay tuned! ;)


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