Canada Day Away From Home

Canada Day Away From Home

It’s Canada Day today, and I’m a homesick mess. This is the first year I’ve been away from home during the July 1st weekend, and I just want to escape to the Rocky Mountains and never look back.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m in love with D.C. — but “the true north strong and free” will always be the one place I can’t stay away from for very long.

Happy Canada Day


Over the past month, I’ve thought about home a lot. Whether it was just a conversation about Trudeau’s socks or how cold it gets in Edmonton, it’s felt nice to have my new friends here in America take an interest in Canada — but these exchanges have also made me feel extremely homesick.


I miss Edmonton’s love of folk music, birthday parties at Garneau, and evening runs through the river valley. I miss getting together with my friends to discuss our elaborate plans for student governance or rant about the state of Alberta politics. I even miss making the mistake of trying to get on the QEII during rush hour.


Canadian Embassy

Canadian Embassy / Ambassade Du Canada


So although I’m having the time of my life here in D.C., a part of me does feel a bit of sadness when I receive a Facebook invite to an event in Canada or read about what’s been going on in Canadian politics lately. I've missed an unacceptable amount of Power & Politics debates, and I'm still not quite used to the lack of CTV News on channel three. I just feel very detached from political life back home — especially since I spend most of my time religiously checking the CNN app.


This long weekend, most people here in the Capital have been preparing for Fourth of July celebrations. It feels a bit odd to see stars and stripes instead of maple leaves. Everyone’s looking forward to food and music on the Hill, and I’ve been hearing the sound of celebratory fireworks since Friday night — but today I’m pretending they're for Canada.


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