The Washington Center Difference

The Washington Center Difference

When I first found out about The Washington Center (TWC), I was excited to learn that I could potentially spend an entire summer or semester in the nation’s capital. I started my TWC application in the fall, after meeting with a TWC representative who visited my school during a job/internship career fair.

Once I had done my research on the program, I reached out to professors in my school's political science department and to the internship director at my university. I wanted to know more about the application process and the students from our university that had previously attended. I was lucky to find that everyone I reached out to was willing to help me achieve that goal. They supported me in my decision, which was really the key element that guided me through the process.

I received my acceptance letter from TWC when I was driving home from school. There was so much emotion running through me when I found out that I would be part of the TWC community. I cried tears of joy, because I knew that this experience would contribute to my personal and academic growth.

Now that I have experienced about eight weeks of the program, I can reflect on the person that I am becoming. I have seen tremendous growth in my personal life. From the start of my application to now, I feel that I have met so many of my personal goals.

One of the goals that I had for myself was to be content living away from my family. I have always lived with my parents, even while attending college. I knew that it would be a challenge being away from them for so long, but it has been a such a great experience. I have become more reliant on myself to get things done, and I love the independence that I have. The time I have spent away from my family has really allowed me to reflect on my life and what it is that I want to accomplish in the near future.


DC skyline

My TWC apartment overlooking the city. You can see the Capitol Building!


Being in D.C. can be a transformative experience for anyone. However, being part of TWC's program has really connected me to everything that this city has to offer. I have information on the best places to eat, the best networking events, and a community that, at its core, is extremely supportive and genuinely cares about their students' personal and professional development.

One thing that I will always be grateful for is the LEAD Colloquium programming, which is held most Fridays. I am glad that I can reach out to my LEAD instructor about any issues concerning the program or my internship. Overall, I can say this program has helped me achieve my personal and professional goals.

With this being said, I want to make the most of my last two weeks in the program. I will be glad to share my next set of adventures with you! Keep in mind that each and every student's TWC experience will be different, but is up to each student to make their experience a memorable one.

Nevertheless, I can say that I have had a transformative experience. I used to be a dependent college student but now I am an independent goal- oriented young professional.


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