Make the Most of Every Bite

Make the Most of Every Bite

How do I please my growling stomach and my wallet at the same time? This is a question that so many interns at The Washington Center have as they prepare to live in D.C. If this is your outlook, please do not worry: D.C. offers a lot of great deals and options for food!


Since my arrival, I have been grocery shopping almost every day. To confirm this, my roommates will already tell you that it is rare for me to not go grocery shopping within a day or two! Perhaps, it is because of my dietary restrictions - as a vegetarian, I am always on the pursuit for food that is more natural and organic. This has not been a problem in D.C., as there are many local grocery stores with organic foods for cheap prices. As you read on, you will learn about the ways in which you can make the most of your every bite in D.C.


Get Hungry with Hungry Harvest

One of the perks of being a TWC student intern is that we get discounts on food. My roommates and I were ecstatic when we found out that we get fifty-percent off our first Hungry Harvest box. For all the fruit and veggie eaters, Hungry Harvest will be the perfect gift you can give yourself weekly.


Joining Hungry Harvest is a convenient way for you to get your fruits and veggies of your choice delivered to you. There are organic and non-organic options, and there is enough food to feed three to four people. Hungry Harvest may appeal to you if you have a busy schedule and do not have the time to go to the grocery store. With Hungry Harvest being easily accessible, there is no excuse for you to not try it!


Some of the produce from our first Hungry Harvest box: pineapple, peppers and onions.


Variety of Food Stores As mentioned, there is a grocery store on almost every street corner in D.C. A block away from TWC's Residential and Academic Facility in NoMa is the grocery store, Giant. For all the Giant lovers out there, I apologize in advance - some of their items can be expensive! Many other local grocery stores sell similar products for cheaper prices; thus, you can get more for your dollar.


Whole Foods is a great store for getting wholesome food that will fill your stomach. This grocery chain is known to provide a wide variety of healthy, natural, and organic foods (snacks, vegetables, fruits, and meat) and have great deals throughout the week.


I recommend going to Whole Foods and purchasing anything with the label 365. When most people hear of Whole Foods, they automatically think pricey. The 365 brand by Whole Foods provides great quality food for a lower price. Another remarkable grocery market is Harris Teeter. Harris Teeter is located near NoMa station, and it is my go-to for similar organic products. Lately, I have been purchasing my pasta, pasta sauce, and bread here. Wherever you are in NoMA, know that you will never go hungry!


At Whole Foods Market, patiently waiting for an Uber to arrive. Items in bag: Whole grain bagels, toasted chips with amazing Thai coconut curry hummus (as a side), and bathroom cleaning supplies.


Easy Meal Planning For breakfast, prepare toast, fruit (banana, and/blueberries) with a nut butter spread of your choice (almond or peanut). This is an easy recipe to get most of your nutrients in for the day.

For lunch and dinner, prepare salad and pasta. Salads are very easy to prep, and you do not need too many ingredients to make it tasty! The same goes for pasta; it can be cooked within 10 minutes and can be combined with many different toppings.


Pasta is topped with some organic veggies. Ingredients: whole grain penne, Fresh tomatoes, frozen bag of mixed veggies, a side of organic kiwi, a cup of Yogi Tea.


Of course, this is easier said than done. It can get quite busy during the weekend when most people go to the grocery store, making it difficult to shop. Also, it tends to be difficult walking around with groceries in your hands!


However, the best part of being responsible for your meals is that you are in full control. I am aware that not everyone eats healthy, but it is not costly to include fruits and veggies in your diet. Whenever you eat, make the most out of every bite!


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