Experiencing Jazz in the Garden

Experiencing Jazz in the Garden

After a long week of working and attending classes, nothing compares to Friday nights at the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden. Every Friday evening, a group of friends and I go to Jazz in the Garden, where local artists perform their music a few hours. Since my arrival in D.C., I have gone to the garden about four times and each time I go, it gets better!


Get free entry & music

Nothing beats free entertainment! Upon entering the garden, the only thing you have to worry about is having your bags checked. Once you are cleared, the garden is free for you to roam around and enjoy! The space is pretty large with a nice island in the middle, lots and lots of people, and art.


Along with your free entry into the garden comes the free jazz music. I have listened to local artists such as Juanita Williams and Victor Provost, and their music is truly inspirational. Even if jazz is not your thing, Jazz in the Garden is definitely a place where you can learn to appreciate different sounds.


Try the Pavilion Café

The Pavilion Café is a great addition to the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden and it has a great menu for Jazz in the Garden. If you decide to try any of their foods, I would recommend trying their spinach and artichoke dip—it is one of the best! The café also sells very cheap wine (unlike other places in D.C.)!


When my friends and I go here, we usually purchase a pitcher of sangria ($25). If you want wine all for yourself, they also sell a wine glass for ($7). Although there is the option to picnic in the garden and bring your own dinner, it is worth giving the Pavilion Café a try. You will not be disappointed! Remember, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while.


Holding my glass of sangria on a sunny Friday evening.


Enjoy a Peaceful Activity

It can get very busy in D.C., and sometimes you need to find a place where you can go and breathe deeply. I have found that place to be Jazz in the Garden. Like I mentioned before, I always end my week on a good note. I gather those who are closest to me, and we spend the evening listening to music, reading, reflecting, and even storytelling in the garden.


It really is a place where you can enjoy all that is around you and not worry about what time you have to be to work the next morning or when your next class assignment is going to be due. If this sounds like somewhere you would want to be, I encourage you to visit!




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