Every Ending Is Another Beginning

Every Ending Is Another Beginning

I do not think my time in D.C. is short-lived. I truly believe that all that I have learned this summer is now a part of me, and will be with me in the next set of adventures (and there are many)!


With the support of my university and The Washington Center I was able to experience all that this city has to offer. From day one, this city welcomed me with open arms and has continuously given me support. It is only until recently that I became overwhelmed with this joy and started to question whether I was worthy of all these opportunities. Confidently, I reminded myself that I have reaped the benefits of all my hard work.

Before the end of the semester I was offered to the chance to stay in D.C. for an extra two weeks! I applied for a temporary position at TWC to be a Transitions Contractor (TC) and got accepted! In this position I inspect the apartments at TWC's Residential and Academic Facility and check for damages. One of the reasons I applied for this position is so that I could give myself time to relax, explore more of the city, and think about my upcoming journeys!


To be completely honest, I would rather not leave this city, but I have more adventures before I come back in the spring. After I depart D.C. in a few days I am headed to New York City to attend the 14th Annual International Human Rights Summit at the UN headquarters! I received the invitation through my internship at Freemuslim Association Inc. and am so happy that I get to continue this summer journey in another great city - New York!


A three-day weekend in New York is the perfect way to continue my journey towards a new beginning. At this conference, I will be representing Freemuslim Association Inc. and that alone is an amazing opportunity; nevermind meeting UN professionals and students from around the world to discuss the critical issues concerning human rights for both men and women. This is one of my dreams being fulfilled right before my eyes!


I can definitely say that I am prepared to represent the organization with all that I have learned from my internship at TWC. I hope to make a lot of connections at this conference, just like those I made throughout my entire summer. I am sure any connection at the UN headquarters would open up new opportunities as well. My trip to New York City is just a reminder of how the end of my internship is actually just a new beginning.


I can't believe it's a new beginning

Courtesy of Marquita Herald 'Emotionally Resilient Living'



D.C. is truly a magical place where dreams can turn into reality. There is value in this historic city and it is only recognized if one experiences it firsthand. I hope that as I travel from D.C. to New York that the Washingtonian spirit of perseverance, heroism, excellence, and love will stay in my heart.


I do not consider the end of this internship to be the end of all my joy and growth. I believe that my time here was only the beginning of a future where I can excel academically and professionally. It was in this magical place that I became one with my vision. I am more than ready to chase my dreams!

Catch you later D.C.!


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