Looking Forward to the Future

Looking Forward to the Future

It’s been a week now since I returned home to St. Petersburg, Florida. Though it’s nice to be back with my family and catch up on some much-needed sleep my heart is still in Washington D.C.


I remember at the beginning of the summer when I first arrived to our nation’s capital many of the students talked about homesickness. I didn’t experience these emotions once during the summer…until now.


I’m homesick for Washington D.C.. Of all the places I’ve lived in my life I’ve never felt more connected to a city than I did in the District. All I want now is to go back home.


The Washington Monument at night


Going forward my goal is to return to D.C. in January immediately following my graduation. With my summer internship experience, numerous connections, and professional guidance through The Washington Center I feel exceptionally prepared and confident to transition from a dependent college student in the Sunshine State to an independent adult in our nation’s capital.

My professional values and career plans have significantly changed since arriving to Washington D.C. I came into the summer expecting to find some clarity as to what to do with my life. I may not know exactly what I want to do yet but I finally decided that after graduation I will apply for entry-level positions in various sectors, including: think tanks, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and consulting firms. If I’m unable to find a full-time position right away, I plan to work as a contractor through a temp-agency specializing in the international relations field.

I never understood just how competitive the job market is in politics and international affairs, let alone in Washington D.C., until this summer. Surrounding myself with ambitions and goal-oriented people has inspired me to push myself even harder to succeed. I’m excited to start my job search this fall and I look forward to finishing the last semester of my undergraduate career strongly with my newly acquired academic and professional skills.

I can’t thank my parents, mentors, professors, and friends enough for encouraging and enabling me to pursue this amazing opportunity. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this has been the most transformative experience of my life. I strongly encourage any student on the fence about The Washington Center to apply anyway because it’s the best decision you’ll ever make!


TWC interns in front of the Capitol Building

Thank you to all my readers who have joined me on this incredible journey. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blogs this summer.


Washington D.C., I’ll be home soon!

Emily Pingleton


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