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Program: Law and Criminal Justice

Looking Beyond Just Words

Monday, February 27, 2017

When we listen to people speak, are we truly listening or just letting information hover in the air without absorbing it? What about being able to listen without being biased or choosing to ignore what the other person is saying?  

The Nighttime Monuments Tour

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A few weekends ago, I left my apartment around midnight for a night out - except I wasn't going for a late night at the club. I had been told by a TWC alum that visiting the monuments at night is a completely different (and worthwhile) experience. Other than thinking I'd have the joy of walking down the National Mall (i.e. "the Mall") without seeing a single tourist, I didn't think there could be any big benefits. However, participating in this exercise of exploration into the dark led me to experience a side of D.C.

Until January 27th, the best thing I ever won from chance was an extra gumball from the gumball machine. However, I was fortunate enough to win tickets to a ball at the Embassy of Italy. I not only had a good time, but also experienced a multitude of advantages thanks to this event.   True Friendships

From Cornfields to the Capitol

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Being from Ohio, I am used to seeing miles and miles of cornfields, not Capitol Hill. When I left my home state and arrived in the capital of the free world, it's crazy to think that I wouldn't notice a few differences. I have only been here for a week, and yet there are a number of things that have blown me away.    

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